FanPost the Big Questions

Thanks to our wonderful man on the inside Rich Dick Kaegel. He answers the tough questions, and he is not afraid to deliver the answer straight, no candyass bs.

In response to the completely insane, and most likely comatose since early 2004 Jacob from Lamar Mo. asked "Angel Berroa is my favorite player, so I was wondering if you think he will play a lot this year."

Of course, Captain Kaegel was tickeled royal blue by this question and was very happy to respond with

"Berroa is already working hard at Kauffman Stadium this offseason to tone up his body and quicken his footwork. The Royals also want the shortstop to improve his level of concentration in the field. Berroa is capable of spectacular plays but sometimes slips on the routine grounders.

At bat, he's a free swinger and that's not likely to change very much, but he's a strong guy with power potential when he connects. Berroa had his poorest offensive year (.234) but the fewest errors (18) of his career.

Fans always seem to pick a favorite target on a losing team and, in 2006, Berroa was it. Although Berroa didn't complain, that surely took a toll because he gets down on himself a lot anyway. Manager Buddy Bell limited his playing time late in the season to give him a chance to clear his mind. Bell is a big Berroa fan and believes he can get much better. Up-and-coming Andres Blanco had shoulder surgery last September and will get a late start next season. So Berroa figures to be an everyday player in 2007. "

To summarize, Angel Berroa is lazy on defense, sucks at hitting, and for some reason he draws the ire of all the fans. Don't think for a second being the unconditionally worst American League hitter has anything to do with that though. He of course is a favorite of Buddy Bell, meaning he is not Justin Huber. And because we can't admit to our mistake of giving him an extension several years ago, we look to start him everyday in 07.

This has been a golden excerpt from the mailbag of your KANSAS CITY ROYALS. Special thanks go to, half-man half-god Dick Kaegel, and the STARTING SHORTSTOP FOR YOUR 2007 KANSAS CITY ROYAALLLLSS! ANGEL BERROA!

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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