Royals Announce Full Schedule, Tix Will Cost More

The full schedule is out and the Royals have announced price increases on tickets next year, averaging a total 15% increase from last year (KC Star).

We'll go positive, then negative. The Royals schedule looks pretty fair upon first glance. We play 80 games against opponents over .500 in 2007 and 82 under. However, we play every team that made their league's championship series.  With the exception of a brief 3 game Oakland stint in late July (in the middle of two home stands), we play our entire west coast road trip schedule in April and in 8 days.

We don't play the White Sox till June, which I find interesting. May will be a hard month with only one scheduled day off on May 15, splitting two sets of 17 games. We only play LAA five times, the fewest of any AL team. Outside of our division opponents(which we play 18 times), we play Oakland 10 times, the Yankees 9, Seattle 9, and Boston, Baltimore, Texas, and Tampa Bay 8 times. Returning the favor from earlier in June, we'll get St. Louis for a rollicking, stadium packing, and ticket price raising weekend at home in late June.

Which brings us to the negative - ticket prices are going up. I remarked to a friend recently that the Royals are getting better, which I like, but it will mean a more expensive trip to the ballpark, which is definitely negative. However, being drawn to free market economics, I can totally understand why this is being done, and it will probably not effect my behavior. I wouldn't be surprised if the Royals saw a bump in attendance this year regardless of the price. On the whole, it is still the cheapest ticket in town for a professional sporting event (Should I include Wizards soccer? No chance).

Loyal2 will want to know that her Outfield Plaza tickets will go up to $17 this year (from $14), and Dick Cheney will want to know that his tinted-window club box seat will go up to $33. Last year the Royals had 4 premium dates (if I remember correctly) that they charged $7 more than regular price for tickets (Opening Day, Cardinals series). Following the growing trend in baseball, the Royals will have 10 premium dates this year (Yankees, BoSox, and Cardinals) charging $7 extra for the lower bowl and club sections, and $5 for the upper deck. Kevin Uhlich, VP of business operations says that the increases should generate $3 million in additional revenue.

In related news, Uhlich announced that because of the Royals' penchant for perking-up prices, Dodge Buck Night would now become Chrysler Two Buck night, generating an additional $1 million in cold hot dog and dixie cup pepsi revenue. </parody>

The graphic below is pilfered from the KC Star.

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