Who Is the Worst Royal Ever?

From the archives... Looks like we need to add Jason LaRue to the list, maybe Ryan Shealy as well.-RR

Who is the worst Royal of all time?

What name comes to mind when you hear that question? Do you prefer long stretches of bad play, epic flameouts, or players who were alright, but not near as good as they could have been?

I'll just throw out some names:

Rey Sanchez
Chuck Knoblauch
Dee Brown
Graeme Lloyd
Brian Meadows
Chris Haney
Jeff Granger

For starting pitchers, you may want to check out the toy David Pinto has posted at Baseball Musings. It gives you the team's won-loss record in games that every Royal starter has ever, umm, started.


A few hours later...

Some really great suggestions are starting to pour in... Gregg Double G Jeffries, Mike Tucker and about a million horrible pitchers. "RoyalsRetro" even went so far as to list the worst seasons by a Royal in terms of ERA+.

Worst season ever by a Royals starting pitcher by ERA+:

1. Jose Lima 2005 5-16 6.99 168 IP 62 ERA+
2. Chad Durbin 2000 2-5 8.21 72 IP 62 ERA+
3. Mike Hedlund 1972 5-7 4.78 113 IP 64 ERA+
4. Rich Gale 1981 6-6 5.40 101 IP 67 ERA+
5. Ted Power 1988 5-6 5.94 80 IP 68 ERA+
6. Vida Blue 1983 0-5 6.01 85 IP 68 ERA+
7. Jim Rooker 1972 5-6 4.38 72 IP 69 ERA+
8. JP Howell 2005 3-5 6.19 72 IP 70 ERA+
9. Chris George 2003 9-6 7.11 93 IP 71 ERA+
10.Wayne Simpson 1973 3-4 5.73 59 IP 72 ERA+
11.Mark Gubicza 1991 9-12 5.68 133 IP 73 ERA+
12.Zack Greinke 2005 5-17 5.80 183 IP 74 ERA+
12.Mark Gardner 1993 4-6 6.19 91 IP 74 ERA+
12.David Frost 1982 6-6 5.51 81 IP 74 ERA+
15.Runelvys Hernandez 2006 6-10 6.48 109 IP 75 ERA+
15.Mike Wood 2004 3-8 5.94 100 IP 75 ERA+
15.Charlie Leibrandt 1989 5-11 5.14 161 IP 75

Thanks again to Royals Retro for running these numbers.

What a strange grouping of players, including alot of otherwise venerable names. There are young and old, has-beens and never-wases. Just shows you something about the nature of pitching.

Here's another name, Shawn Sedlacek.

Keep the memories coming!

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