Bobby Mac

In keeping with the overwhelmingly positive vibe enveloping the RR right now, I thought it a good time to ask the question, might we actually have an above average coach in Bobby Mac? I'm starting to get the feeling he might be a pretty solid pitching coach, and wonder what y'all think.

Some snippets of supporting evidence:

Meche's new landing that, combined with the all-important ace status, seems to have completely transformed his career trajectory.

JDLR's sudden command of the strike zone. He always had great stuff but the Brewers could never harness it.

Perez: I recall a few weeks back Splitt talking about Mac teaching him a new pitch. I'm embarrassed to say I don't remember what it was (maybe a sinker?), but something transformative has happened to Odie since that point.

Gobbler's newfound sidewinder action. Need to check the stats but he seems more effective against lefties with it. He's using it almost every pitch now against them, which would seem to be a huge in-season adjustment. When Cust hit the big dinger it was on the first pitch that he didn't use it.

Soria seamlessly stepping into the closer's role as a rookie. By all accounts he had great "makeup" when we got him, but might think that Bmac is working some behind the scenes magic with his psyche.

Just allowing Ducky to be Ducky.

So sometimes guys do actually improve while wearing the blue.

Now the counter evidence:

Greinke: after an incredibly promising spring and a few good starts he regressed again. My take on this is that Zack is like one of those inexplicable outliers in a stat analysis you conveniently drop from the sample because you know it has to be a data collection error. Maybe only Zack can help Zack at some point. Or maybe he's still trying to ass wipe the indelible skid mark left by Guy Hansen. In any case, he's showing us he can dominate out of the pen, and hopefully he's back in the rotation soon.  

On this side of the ledger I suppose you could throw in the guys we jettisoned last year. The jury will be out there for awhile, but none have come out of the gate strong (I love that Ozzie seems to be at the end of his rope with both Sisco and Mac, check Mac's May numbers).

Bmac had a long and solid big league career, including starting it in the blue (sweet deal by the way, we got Darrel Porter and Jim Colborn for Bmac, Quirk and Jim Wohlford). Anyone know his reputation during his tenure as the Rockies AAA pitching coach? Should he be kept around after the inevitable BB firing that so many here are anxiously awaiting? I think we might have a hidden gem in Bmac, especially given our sorry history with that position.

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