Baseball America - Top-10 Royals Prospects


1.    Mike Moustakas, ss
2.    Daniel Cortes, rhp
3.    Luke Hochevar, rhp
4.    Blake Wood, rhp
5.    Danny Duffy, lhp
6.    Carlos Rosa, rhp
7.    Julio Pimentel, rhp
8.    Matt Mitchell, rhp
9.    Yasuhiko Yabuta, rhp
10.    Derrick Robinson, of

In the "Best Tools" section, a few surprises for me:
Best Strike-Zone Disipline - Kila Kaaihue (who is he?)
Best Fastball - Daniel Cortes
Best Curveball - Daniel Cortes
Best Slider - Neal Musser
Best Changeup - Julio Pimentel (new pitch for him)
Best Defensive Catcher - Matt Tupman (and he can hit!)
Best Defensive Infielder - Chris McConnell (who?)
Best Infield Arm - Moose!
Best Defensive Outfielder - Jose Duarte (no bat)
Best Outfield Arm - Jose Duarte

BA projects a 2011 line-up that has some head scratching entries.  Huber at first.  That will not happen.  Butler at DH.  yeah, probably.  Callaspo at 2B.  Pena still at SS.  sigh.  Moose in RF?  Maybe.  Rotation of Cortes, Hochevar, Grenike, Meche and Bannister in that order.

Discuss?  Does anyone else think that Daniel Cortes ghost wrote this list?  Is Duffy really #5?  Rosa over Pimentel?  How does BA picture Huber at 1B in 2011 but not in the Top-10 prospects?   That detail threw the whole list into question for me.

"The most important thing we have done is staff our front office and development departments with good people and a full staff," said Moore, who noted that when scouting director Deric Ladnier arrived (also from the Braves) in 2000, he had just two crosscheckers on his staff. "Certainly, scouting and player development are the most important things we can do, and it doesn't matter if it is in a small or large market."

Kansas City made clear its commitment to the future by spending $6.6 million on the 2007 draft--the seventh-biggest outlay in baseball--starting with $4 million for No. 2 overall pick Mike Moustakas, the best hitter available.

The Royals have yet to show much improvement at the big league level, but they are putting more talent on the field. Four rookies who should be cornerstones for their future successfully made the transition to the big leagues in 2007. First-round picks Billy Butler and Alex Gordon had steady debuts and should anchor the middle of the lineup for years. Brian Bannister, stolen from the Mets in a trade for Ambiorix Burgos, won 12 games, while Joakim Soria, a Rule 5 draft coup, earned 17 saves.

A couple of righthanders are nearly ready to bolster the rotation. Luke Hochevar, the No. 1 overall pick in 2006 draft, made his major league debut in September. Daniel Cortes has been a revelation after coming over from the White Sox in a deal for Mike MacDougal. But other than counting on improvement from its young big leaguers, a Royals offense that finished 13th in the AL in scoring can't count on any immediate help.

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