Mike Jacobs Rant

First of all, apologies if this is redundant, I haven’t seen too much in-depth discussion of the Mike Jacobs possibility outside of Craig Brown’s take, which is a good read (Royals Authority). So if you believe this thread, there’s a few things you can take away from it.  (1) The Royals were going to deal Carlos Rosa, as he or Cortes are the only minor league pitchers with trade value in the high minors, which is what Florida would require for Jacobs...and if it’s true that some medical issue emerged last week, then Rosa would have been the guy, given that (a) a medical issue did emerge surrounding Rosa last week and (b) the Royals are keeping said medical issue on the down-low, so as not to tip their hand.  So the Royals are trying to trade a pitcher (the currency of baseball) for a power hitter.  Moore has already said he’s interested in a hitter at any position; that the Royals are flexible enough to reshuffle their own players to accommodate such a hitter. 

A few questions:

(1) What does it say that they are going after another power-hacker with terrible OBP? (Guillen also fits the description)

My answer: This move is reminiscent of the pre-Moore era in KC.  The Royals suddenly seem caught up in obtaining “proven” guys, and since Jacobs hit 32 homers last year, regardless of whatever bad habits he possesses, the simple “32” number makes him “proven.”  This, in my opinion, is very simplistic thinking.  It’s what the Royals have done for years; try to obtain guys who have already shown something in the bigs instead of breakout candidates.  They did attempt to obtain an unproven hitter recently in Ryan Shealy and it hasn’t yet worked out, so maybe Moore and company are feeling gun shy in trying it again (before Shealy, to find the last breakout candidate the Royals obtained via trade or free agency, that is, someone who was not yet “proven” themselves, you have to go all the way back to Jermaine Dye...unless I’m missing someone).  The obvious problem with Jacobs is that not only has he proven he can hit 30 homers, he has proven that he hits a pretty empty 30 homers and K’s a ton. 

(2) What does it say that the Royals are trying to get said power-hacker at the first-base position?

My answer: We don’t have to obtain breakout candidates at 1B because we have about 4 of them.  What in the name of Kila Kaaihue/Ryan Shealy/Billy Butler/Alex Gordon-in-a-pinch do we need to trade for another 1B (who is slow afoot and can’t play the outfield)?  Here’s a scenario: what if Killer Kaaihue mashes in AAA next year, which many feel is distinct possibility?  What if Kaaihue not only mashes, but OBP’s .400?  Then I suppose you start trying to trade guys, but...  well don’t our priorities lie elsewhere than Mike Jacobs?  I just don’t get it. 

Mike Jacobs is not creative thinking.

Small markets, more than any other attribute, must employ creative thinking.  That was the one thing that excited me most about Moore when he came here; creativity.  I’m starting to wonder.

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