GMDM Acquisition Grade Card

For fun I went down the current MLB roster and assigned a grade to all of the players he has acquired since he became GM.

Current Year:

  • Jose Guillen - B 785 OPS. He received a huge contract and stumbled badly out of the gate. For a solid month now he's been one of the hottest hitters in baseball. Overall numbers, considering salary and bad OBP, probably warrant a C+ but his current hot streak earns him extra credit.
  • Miguel Olivo - A- 858 OPS. Received a modest contract to back-up Buck (according to Royals, not him). He's also seen significant time as a DH against lefties and has exceeded all expectations with his slugging and strong throwing arm. 
  • Alberto Callaspo - C- 688 OPS. I was probably most excited by this acquisition but with Grudz playing reasonably well he has not been given a fair shot. He has over a 350 OBP this year and this grade could rise given more playing time.
  • Ron Mahay - B+ 2.67 ERA. Has been every bit as excellent as expected. The only reason he doesn't receive an A is due to his high salary. To whom much is given much is expected.
  • Ramon Ramirez - A- 3.30 ERA. Has struggled a bit recently but overall he's a young strikeout machine who we gave up nothing for (i.e. DeLarosa).
  • Shake Yabuta - C+ 4.91 ERA. Started out awful but has posted a .77 era in his last 11 innings. Is crossing the threshold into B territory.
  • Brett Tomko - D+ 6.34 ERA. Tomko has been old and hittable for a long time now. The results don't match the stuff should be carved into his tombstone. Didn't like the deal at the time and it looks like a loser now. We'll see if a trip to the bullpen will bolster that ERA.
  • Hideo Nomo - F. Only pitched 4 innings but they were a memorable and predictable 4 innings.
  • 2008 draft - B+. Looking good depending on if we can sign everyone.

Previous year (performance numbers are for the current year only):

  • Brian Bannister (internet sensation, text buddy of JoePo, son of Floyd)- B 4.98 ERA. Stolen from the Mets for THE Ambrioxjfdjssd Burgos. Expectations have been tempered somewhat but still a major coup for the Royals.
  • Joakim Soria - A+ 1.61 ERA. Extra credit for GMDM getting him locked up and for Soria sporting an Abe Lincoln beard.
  • Gil Meche - C+ 5.54 ERA. The $55 million dollar man has struggled this year. Is it due to overuse last year or playing slightly over his head last year? Save for a great first six weeks last year he hasn't set the world on fire. To be determined.
  • John Bale - C- 7.63 ERA. Terrible this year with a temper tantrum to boot. Hurt most of last year but when healthy was reasonably effective out of the pen.
  • TPJ - F - 367 OPS. I will bite my tounge (or would I have to bite my fingers?) and hold my rant for another day.
  • Joey Gathright - C- 543 OPS. He's fast. In addition to being fast he's also... fast. He also seems better on defense this year. Extra credit for car/pitcher jumping is negated by the resurgence of J.P. Howell.
  • Ross Gload - D-. 569 OPS. Last year I would have given this a B- as we only gave up Sisco and he played OK. Then GMDM decided to lock him up to a two year extension. BOO.
  • 2007 draft - B. Light on hitting but strong on pitching. Looks solid so far.

Overall performance (drum roll) B. Nice job so far given where the organization was. It will take a few years yet to start reaping the rewards of better drafting.


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