35 percent report

You know what? I'm pissed. I spent 2 hours writing a comparison of Royals and Mariners. I've been busy and I finally get a few hours to write one of these things, and then I hit one button and it's gone and I don't know what happened to it. Gah.

It's late and my dog is sleep-barking, so I'm going to do this all in short form.

The plan was to compare Royals v. Mariners, because the Mariners are behind us in the AL standings, it's the battle of Grass Creek, Wyo., it's Ibanez v. Meche, it's Guillen v. someone else, I guess... so I spent 2 hours comparing position players and everything. Here's my summation, because I don't have time to spend 2 more hours explaining it again. After the position is the team I decided has the advantage. The only one I'll elaborate on is the closer.

C: Royals, easily
3B: Mariners, by a bit, but it's open to discussion
SS: Mariners, by a large amount
2B: Pick'em (Similar numbers)
1B: Mariners (Glad has slightly less power)
LF: Royals (Guillen has slightly more power)
RF: Royals (Teahen v. Balentien)
CF: Mariners (My original post said DeJesus is a poor man's Ichiro, not Ichiro by any means, but some close numbers)
DH: Royals (Butler v. Vidro, Butler wins)

SP1: Mariners (closer than you'd think)
SP2: Mariners (closer than I thought)
SP3: Royals (not so much)
SP4: Royals (not so much)

Yeah, it was all tied through this point. In my original post, I had explanations and stats and stuff. It was awesome.

Closer: Royals

Here's what I originally said about Joakim Soria: It's not close. My fiancee is neither a KC native nor a baseball fan. So she doesn't understand why I love the Royals so much. She doesn't get why I root for them if they're always on the bottom end of the standings. And during the 12-game losing streak, it was hard to answer that question to someone who doesn't have the background with the club. But then you look at someone like Joakim Soria. The Royals didn't just pay for a proven commodity developed by someone else. The Royals made a shrewd move to find this hidden gem. It's that difference between finding a diamond in the rough at a garage sale and using your fat wallet to simply outpay for something. There's just so much pride in the former situation than there is in any other situation. And Joakim Soria is a Royal. He is OURS. When he's on the mound with the lead, I can turn the game off because I know it'll be a victory. He is just that good. He is a reason why I am a Royals fan. Soria is proof that smart moves count for something in a world with fat wallets. And he is better than J.J. Putz.

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