First Time, Long Time...

Hello all,

I am a newbie on the blog network (writing, not reading) and I have always wanted to share my impressions of the 2008 Royals.  So if you give me a couple of minutes, I will give you my five thoughts on the 2008 Royals.  Please enjoy.

1)  Trade outfielder(s) and pitching for power:  One of the positions I feel we always need more pop from is our outfield.  Yes, Guillen has been really good, but not great.  DeJesus has been DeJesus, bat for average with some pop a couple times a month.  Gathright gets on base once a game, and Teahen has been better than last year, but not the 20/80 guy we need.  A trade at the deadline for prospects that can help next year with those numbers would be ideal.

2)  Can we hit a breaking ball?:  When our hitting is on, it usually it is on fire.  When it is off, it is down right ugly.  Barnett does a good job in helping hitters wait for pitches.  BUt for some reason we can't hit anything that is low or outside.  The hitters need more time to work on getting a bloop single on a bad pitch.  It would and will help in scoring more throughout the year.

3)  Tony Pena Jr.:  AAA?  Oh yeah.

4)  Billy Butler...future First basemen:  Has to happen for us to become a legit team in 2010.  Gload is good with the glove but little else.  If Butler can play first, then that lets us put in another bat that can help out through the order.

5)  Good Pitching, but need...:  a pitcher that will be a leaderon this team.  We have a solid pitching staff, but no one right now that will stand up and say. "I am pitching today and we will win!.  We need that attitude for us not to get into losing streaks that derail what we want to accomplish.

If this is done, I feel we will be really good next year and be serious contenders for 2010.  Thanks and I will be talking to ya soon.



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