Joakim Soria: In pursuit of Royals History

Currently, Joakim Soria's 29 saves are the 11th most in a season by a Royals reliever. The top 10 list for saves reads as follows.

Montgomery/Quisenberry - 45 (1993 and 1983)
Quisenberry - 44 (1984)
Montgomery - 39 (1992)
Quisenberry - 37 (1985)
Montgomery - 36 (1998)
Quisenberry - 35 (1982)
Montgomery/Quisenberry - 33 (1991 and 1980)
Montgomery - 31 (1995)

So it's pretty concievable that Soria will take 10th place very soon.

But where did these relief seasons stand on July 29th?

Quisenberry, 1983: 26 saves, 1.76 ERA, 92.0 IP, 44 games, 40 GF, 31K/9BB
Montgomery, 1993: 31 saves, 1.71 ERA, 58.0 IP, 44 games, 39 GF, 44K/12BB
Quisenberry, 1984: 27 saves, 2.38 ERA, 79.1 IP, 45 games, 44 GF, 23K/6BB
Montgomery, 1992: 25 saves, 1.87 ERA, 53.0 IP, 42 games, 42 GF, 38K/15BB
Quisenberry, 1985: 23 saves, 2.81 ERA, 80.0 IP, 53 games, 48 GF, 34K/11BB
Montgomery, 1998: 24 saves, 5.50 ERA, 36.0 IP, 36 games, 35 GF, 38K/17BB
Quisenberry, 1982: 23 saves, 3.18 ERA, 87.2 IP, 43 games, 41 GF, 32K/7BB
Quisenberry, 1980: 20 saves, 2.68 ERA, 80.2 IP, 43 games, 40 GF, 20K/11BB
Montgomery, 1991: 19 saves, 3.94 ERA, 59.1 IP, 43 games, 33 GF, 53K/18BB
Montgomery, 1995: 17 saves, 3.00 ERA, 36.0 IP, 31 games, 26 GF, 21K/12BB
Joakim Soria, 2008: 29 saves, 1.50 ERA, 48.0 IP, 45 games, 41 GF, 51K/9BB

Several things to note quickly.

1) That 1998 season won fever beauty pageants than Roseanne. It looked to be very Borowski-esque.

2) Yes, Soria has the second highest number of saves after this date. And unless any unexpected games break out on Thursday, he will probably have the second highest number of saves going into August of any Royals reliever ever.

3) Soria's ERA is the lowest of any ERA listed above.

4) Soria has a ridiculously low walk rate (1.69 per 9). Granted, Quisenberry's lowest BB/9 rating of the post-deadball era really stands out as better.

5) Montgomery's 1995 season started late (as we know) and he was definately going to save 30+ in 1994 (he had 23 through 7/29/94 of what should have been a Royals playoff year)

6) Barring either a massive surge in Royals blowout victories or some other unforseen event, Soria will save 40+ games for the Royals this year and may even threaten the record of 45 saves.

As noted tonight, Soria did save the most games of any reliever born in Mexico, but where does he stand in Royals history? Pretty high so far.

Soria currently ranks 7th on the Royals all-time saves list with 46 saves.

Here's the list

Montgomery: 304
Quisenberry: 238
Doug Bird: 58
Roberto Hernandez: 54
Mike MacDougal: 50
Steve Farr: 49
Joakim Soria: 45

So Soria is likely to be in 3rd or 4th place in Royals career saves after this year.

(For random reference: MacDougal had 24 saves with 35K/27BB through 7/29/03, but he basically lost the closers job before that date with the Ichiro grand slam game)

Essentially, Joakim Soria has having a historic season, in regards to Royals closers.

As for the rest of the league. Soria is tied for 4th in the AL with 29 saves. He is currently tied with Joe Nathan. He is behind Papelbon and George Sherrill (both with 30 saves). And Frankie Rodriguez is ahead of everybody living with 44 saves.

40+ saves in one year, a top 5 showing in saves in the AL, not a bad start for the Mexicutioner.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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