Ryan LeFebvre Drinking Game

Because Ryan LeFebvre needs to be made fun of.....




Take one drink when:



Soria's nickname is mentioned (The Mexicutioner)

Dayton Moore or Trey Hillman are praised, rightly or not

Good baserunning is overemphasized (especially runners going from 1st to 3rd or scoring from 1st)

Anything positive is said about Ross Gload, because this should never happen and we could all use a drink


Take two drinks when:



Ryan makes a bad analogy (TPJ vs. Ozzie Smith, i mean...c'mon)



Ballpark reference or in 'that ball would've been out of any other ballpark' or 'the foul territory here is so much more/less than at the K'...or 'because of the Monster/short porch, hitters will adjust their approach'

Minnesota is mentioned.  Whether it's the Twins and Ryan's time as an employee or about Ryan's time as a Gopher....



Take three drinks when:

Ryan makes a bad joke and Splittorf/White don't laugh.  This happens way too often.



TPJ's name is mentioned while he is not playing.

Baseball lineage or position changes are mentioned (this includes any reference to Ryan's father, big league manager Jim LeFebvre)



The 3rd to 1st pickoff move is explained as to why it's not a balk


For God's sake, reach for the liquor when:



'Hey, that guy brought his glove to the park'

'How often is it that a guy who finished an inning w/ a great defensive play leads off the inning for his team at the plate'...Ryan it's how batting orders work, not any kind of coincidence.

I-CHI-GLOAD....This would fit under bad analogies, but it's fucking Ross Gload.

Ryan complains about the strike zone or umpires.  I get it.  They're umpires, and they make mistakes.  They are inconsistent.  You are a broadcaster.  Don't complain because it's part of the game.  That's for us fans to worry about.





This is not meant to be a serious drinking game, but it is rather to poke fun at our local broadcaster.  No offense or drunken misconduct is intended by this.  Offensive/inappropriate?  Well, maybe.  But it is more fun to walk the line than to blatantly cross it.  Anyone else have LeFebvre-isms to add?  I know we all laugh at/with this guy for our own reasons, and I know I could not get everything ridiculous he does.

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