Royals Radio Affiliates, circa 1980

Because I got a Royals Grand Slam from 1980 (Second Edition, value up from 75 cents in 1980 to 3.23 in the antique shop).. I think we can list some radio affiliates.

But before we get there, a list of ads

Camel "Discover satisfaction" (p. 2), Smith Grieves/Western Envelope/Allis Press (p. 4), Business Men's Assurance (p. 5), McCormick Vodka (p. 6), Datsun (p. 8), Skelly (p. 10), Farmland Industries (p. 11), The Fun House in Raytown (p. 13), TWA (p. 14), Hamm's Beer (p. 17), GE Silicone Automotive Products (p. 18), WDAF 4's three man sports combination (Steve Oakley, Denny Trease, Jim Bonds, p. 20), KC Southern Lines (p. 22), Coke (p. 23), John Deere (p. 24), George Brett for Lifebuoy [with Brett shower photo] (p. 26), Falstaff Beer (p. 28), Lots of ads in the scorebook and someone scored the game too (p. 32-36), Sands Las Vegas (p. 37), Kansas City Life (p. 38), Canadian Club (p. 40), Alexander & Alexander insurance (p. 41), AMC Eagle ad (p. 45), BelAir cigarettes, now with a beach house and a bikini (p. 46), Foot Locker (p. 48), George Brett for Spot-Bilt (p. 51), Blue Valley Federal Savings (p. 52), Coors (p. 57), Commerce Banks (p. 58), Puerto Rican Rums (p. 60), Butternut Breads/Dolly Madison Treats (p. 61), Lee Jeans (back inside cover), Marlboro (back cover)

the fun game here: How many of these advertisers still work with the Royals, and how many are no longer in business?

On to the affiliates!

"The Major League's largest network in terms of both stations and geographical area, the Royals Radio Network provides the fan with a great box seat in every American League ballpark. It's coverage area stretches through out a 10-state area over more than 115 stations, reaching from New Mexico to Kansas City's Spring Training home in Fort Myers, Florida."

In Kansas

Abilene (1560 KABI-AM, 98.3 KABI-FM), Arkansas City (1280 KSOK), Atchison (1470 KARE), Beloit (1190 KRZJ), Chanute (1460 KKOY, 105.5 KQSM-FM), Clay Center (100.9 KCLY-FM), Coffeyville (690 KGGF), Colby (100.3 KXXX), Concordia (1390 KNCK, 95.3 KCKS), Dodge City (1370 KGNO), El Dorado (1360 KOYY, 99.3 KOYY-FM), Garden City (1240 KIUL), Hays (1590 KAYS), Hiawatha (103.9 KNZA), Hutchinson (1450 KWBW), Independence (101.7 KIND), Iola (1370 KIKS, 99.3 KIOL), Larned (1510 KANS, 96.7 KANS-FM), Liberal (99.3 KSLS), Lyons (106.1 KLOQ), Marysville (1570 KNDY, 103.1 KNDY-FM), Ottawa-Lawrence (1220 KOFO, 95.7 KKKK), Parsons (1540 KLKC, 93.5 KLKC), Phillipsburg (1490 KKAN), Pittsburg (1340 KSEK), Pratt (93.1 KWLS), Salina (1150 KSAL), Scott City (94.5 KULL), Topeka (580 WIBW), Ulysses (1420 KULY), Wellington (93.5 KZED), Wichita (1240 KAKE)

In Missouri

Aurora (940 KSWM, 101.1 KELE), Bethany (95.9 KAAN), Bolivar (1130 KYOO, 106.3 KYOO-FM), Brookfield (1470 KGHM), Butler (1530 KMAM, 92.1 KMOE), Carrolton (1430 KAOL, 101.1 KAOL-FM), Carthage (1490 KDMO, 104.9 KRGK), Chillicothe (1010 KCHI), Clinton (1280 KDKD and 95.3 KDKD), Columbia (96.7 KCMQ), El Dorado Springs (1580 KESM and 107.1 KESM-FM), Harrisonville (100.7 KIEE), Jefferson City (106.9 KJFF), Joplin (1450 WMBH), Kansas City (980 KMBZ), Kirksville (94.5 KRXL), Lexington (1570 KLEX, 106.3 KBEK), Mansfield (95.8 KTRI), Marshall (1300 KMMO, 102.9 KMFL), Neosho (1420 KBTN), Nevada (1240 KNEM), St. Joseph (680 KFEQ), Sedalia (1490 KDRO), Springfield (1260 KGBX), Tarkio (93.5 KTRX), Warrensburg (1450 KOKO), Warsaw (97.7 KAYQ)

In Nebraska

Columbius (1510 KTTT), Falls City (1230 KTNC), Grand Island (1430 KRGI, 96,5 KRGI-FM), Kearney (1340 KGFW), Lexington (880 KRVN), Lincoln (1240 KFOR), North Platte (1240 KODY), York (104.9 KAWL)

In Iowa

Centerville (1400 KCOG, 98.7 KMGO), Chariton (105.5 KYRS), Cherokee (1440 KCHE, 102.3 KCHE), Clarinda (106.3 KSWI), Denison (1530 KDSN, 107.1 KDSN-FM), Des Moines (1350 KRNT), Emmettsburg (98.3 KEMB), Pella (103.3 KPLL), Shenandoah (960 KMA), Sioux City (1360 KSCJ)

In Oklahoma

Pryor (1570 KOLS and 104.5 KKMA), Shawnee (1450 KGFF), Tulsa (740 KRMG)


Rogers, Arkansas (1390 KAMO, 94.3 KAMO-FM), Colorado Springs, Colorado (1300 KVOR), Longmont, Colorado (1060 KLMO, 104.3 KLMO-FM), Fort Myers, Florida (1240 WINK), Clayton, New Mexico (1450 KLMX), San Antonio, Texas (1200 WOAI)

As for TV, they had 40 games on 9 stations (KCBJ-17 in Columbia, KUPK-13 in Garden City, KLOE-10 in Goodland, KAYS-7 in Hays, KOAM-7 in Joplin, WDAF-4 in Kansas City, KYTV-3 in Springfield, WIBW-13 in Topeka, and KAKE-10 in Wichita)

 Extra points for stations that have the same call letters, or still carry the Royals right now.

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