18 Thoughts On Will McDonald's "Around The Majors" Discussion

1.  Why the gratuitous opening swipe, by the hosts, at Dayton Moore via Michael Young?  BS.  Moore's not been shown to give big contracts for one or two good seasons.  In fact, the criticism is that he gives too big of contracts for mediocre seasons by average vets!

2.  CoCo Crisp "could" be seen as a good move?  Most everyone liked that one, or at least agreed with its logic.

3.  It's been nasty recently in the Royals blogsophere.  That's right.  Unnecessarily so.

4.  Why is veteran leadership and chemistry so undervalued in "the blogosphere"?

5.  General Observation:  If every single FA move is evaluated on OBP and, well, OBP is a valued skill among ML teams, then those players are going to necessarily be higher priced---and hence mostly out of the Royals price range.  So valuing OBP while not signing those FAs is not necessarily contradictory so long as your org is accumulating those guys via drafts and trades.  Are we drafting guys with at least the beginnings of OBP skills?  Hosmer?  Moustakas?  Gordon fits the bill.

6.  Judging what the Royals have done by the Burrell deal is, at best, acontextual.  The economic climate changed midway through the offseason.  Sure, he could've waited for that, but the Royals have to be aggressive early to get the guys they want.

7.  General question:  When the Royals receive ML profit sharing money, does it have to apply to the 40-man roster, or can it be spent in player development/drafts?

8.  Jacobs represents step 1, of many more moves to come, I think, in the quest to make the Royals at least major league average in terms of HR power.  And this is a necessary quest, almost as important as OBP.  It's important enough that OBP can be sacrificed with one or two position players to complete the quest---at least until your powerful OBP draft guys percolate up.

9.  Will McDonald has a nice radio voice.

10.  Arbuckle was definitely our most important off-season acquisition for the organization, hands down.  Hopefully Arbuckle will be groomed to be Moore's replacement?  At least we'll have a succession plan.

11.  Bold prediction:  About 75% of the 2011 club's position players will have been groomed in the org.

12.  Moore is doing one of the most difficult jobs in the majors: Balancing the two conflicting goals of (1) keeping fans interested (via some winning, some window-dressing FA moves) while also (2) developing the farm.  He clearly doesn't subscribe to the theory of having yet another 100-loss season to rebuild.  We've had too many of those, and he knows the fans can only stand so much.

13.  Greinke will NEVER be traded for Francouer---at least not for Francouer as the centerpiece of any deal w/the Braves for the Greinke.  Never.

14.  Promise:  Soria will not be the one positive move that defines Moore's career as a GM.

15.  Axiom:  This year's overpayment for a free agent is another team's valued trade pick-up in two years.  Yep, only two years.

16.  Question for statheads:  Why is a high BABIP almost always considered bad for hitters?  I mean, isn't it a sign of bat control?  And how are adjustments accounted for (i.e. defensive shift thwarted)?

17.  I was bummed by the Gordon negativity.  He'll hit .300---probably this year.  And his OBP will always be .350 or better (sans 07).  But to everyone:  Gordon will NEVER be Brett.  Get over it.

18.  Nice optimistic ending!  Wow.  Excellent. - TL

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