"Who Said It?" Quotation Challenge Answerzzzz

I have no doubt that everyone has been on pins and needles* in anticipation of the revealing of the 2008 KC Royals "Who Said It?" Quotation Challenge results. It's been extremely difficult for me to bite my tongue for this long myself; this is a big thing after all!

But I'm happy to inform everyone that it is time to reveal the solutions to this mystery puzzle. Where applicable, I will try and include details and/or background information regarding the quote.  I realize it was pretty tough, so next time I'll try to split it up even further (probably cut pitchers into two groups).

*Anyone else curious where this expression came from? This random trivia/useless knowledge is the type of stuff that is filling most of my memory bank, rather than more important information.** But I didn't know this one, so I looked it up. (Thank you for the Internet, Al Gore. What would this world be without you?) Anyway, if you're curious....

**Every day in my class I put a brief "Did you know...." trivia statement at the beginning of my daily warm-ups. For example, did you know Snickers candy bars are named after one of the Mars' family horses? Anyway, to start the new year in correct style, today's was baseball related:  "Did you know the average lifespan of a Major League baseball is seven pitches?" (I have no idea how accurate this is...I took it off one of those "useless trivia" websites).  Some of the kids enjoyed it, others not so much. Oh well. That's insane my playing/coaching days we are always desperate to track down EVERY foul ball no matter where it ends up since the supply of game balls is very limited (read = two or less).

Where was I? Oh yes.....the Quotation Challenge Answerzzzzzz!!! (yes you need all the z's).  Here we go!


Section I:  Infielders

1. "When you can drive in runs with two outs, you're going to be a pretty dad-gummed good team."

Answer: Houfo6sj_mediumvia

Yes, the Baconator himself.  I found this to be a very odd quote....doesn't seem to be the type of guy who'd spit out a "dad-gummed" quote. This one screamed Jason LaRue.

2.  "I'm a man. I take my consequences. I know what I did. I think I did the right thing."

Answer: Mlb_a_olivo_300_medium via

This was one of the easier ones, I thought. If only he would've played Whack-a-Mole on AJ a little longer....

3. "I was glad to get a double out of the way. I hadn't hit one yet."

Answer: 340x_medium via
While this one may seem like an Aviles quote, it's not. (Aviles' first two hits were doubles in New York at the game I attended, if I remember correctly.)

4.  "It was funny because Zack was going through the lineup, up and down, just cruising. And I was talking to him out there -- 'Man, you look good.' And he was like, 'Yeah, but I feel like crud, though. I don't have any pitches tonight.' I kind of joked around and when he came out of the game I was like, 'You should be like that every game.' "

Answer: P1_gordon_medium via
There weren't a lot of great Gordon quotes in the few game recaps I looked at for this challenge.

5. "I spun around so I could get my feet set, and the ball just went out of my hand, like a wet frog."


Answer: Aviles_medium


This is another odd match....I just wouldn't picture Aviles as a 'wet frog' type of guy coming from the NYC area.

6. "Yeah, he's a pitcher. He knows what he's doing out there."

Answer: 6560_medium via
This was in reference to current free agent pitcher (and former teammate) John Garland, after he picked apart the Royals early in the season. Thanks for the great insight on him, Russ.

7. "Not much was stacked up in our favor before the game started. But it's going to be like this all year for us."

Answer: Buck_john_medium via

Very optimistic quote from Mr. Buck....I believe this was from very early in the season--perhaps the opening series in Detroit.

8. "I got good wood on it. I knew the ball carried good here so I knew it had a chance."

Answer: Little_20tony_medium via
Seriously....what other TPJ quote could I put in there? It's his highlight game of the season (offensively). That game thread when he hit that homer in Baltimore (against Garrett Olson I think) is an instant classic. I think that may've been the big comeback game where the Royals scored 7 runs on two hits or something crazy like that. But even Kenny Banya thinks this quote is gold. Look at TPJ talking like he's a power hitter. Love it TPJ, love it.

9. "It was nice for seven innings,but we don't play seven innings."

Answer: Mlb_g_grudzielanek_275_medium via
Who else could it be but the epitome of grit? You can't just grind it out for seven've gotzta grind it out for the full nine!!!!!!oNE!!!!

Section II: Outfielders

10. "I got a good jump, good read. I guess I've got to do something on defense, I'm not doing anything with the bat."

Answer: A_tavarez_275_medium via
This one was pretty's not Guillen since he was too immobile to get good jumps/reads...and it's not laid back enough to be Teahen. It's our former car and Hiroki Kuroda high-jumper.

11. "I don't have anything to say to anybody today. How about that?"

Answer: Who else? This was a gimme. 060406_guillen_vmed_7p via

12. "The guy [Scott] was like 'Four' and I was like 'I'm going, they're not going to stop me.'"

Answer: Like, this HAD to be like one of the easiest ones too. Like come on...I hear sentences structured like this every day from the kids in my classes every day. Who on our team is bouncy and spazzy enough to form sentences with this many "likes"?  It's totally our own teenage girl at heart, DDJ! This quote came after this homer against STL when he wasn't sure if the umpire ruled it a HR or a double.  Remember those late inning homers against those STL punks to sweep that initial series with them?  AWESOME. 340x_medium


13. "If I could tell you the secret, we'd start it early on. We'd take it in April."

Answer: Process of elimination says....this player...who was referring to the Royals' late season success. Teahan_sm_medium via

Section III: Pitchers

14. "I was finally able to get harnessed in and not try to throw the ball through the wall every time."

Answer: Our resident fireballer, Duckshirt_medium via
Why hasn't this caught on as much as the Byrd's Nest did at the K?

15.  "This is like my two-seam, my sinker -- I sweat so much that the ball slipped when I threw."

Answer: 610x_medium


Another easy one.....RamRam's quote after the game in which he threw behind former teammate Yorvit Torrealba twice, but then threw nothing but strikes the rest of the inning. were sweating RamRam.

16. "If we didn't score, Soria was coming in. If we did score, I was coming in. I was praying that we'd score some runs. And we did."

Answer: 2008's gopherball king, Mr. Peralta. Mlb_a_peralta_200_medium

The next sentence in this quote probably should read "....but then Soria had to warm up again after I came in. Has that home run that Pujols hit even landed yet?"

17. "Fate loves the fearless, so I wanted to come out and pound the strike zone."

Answer: This has the makings of a Banny gem, but it's not. Only a college-educated, former #1 overall pick could produce something that deep and thoughtful!Jbmeqomq_medium via

18.  "My secondary pitches are just garbage; they're just not working."

Answer: Not a good sign for Brett Tomko's future in KC. Hope that guy can get everything worked out before we have to look at other opti........ Cv9ffjal_medium via

19. "It's 3-0 and you haven't got an out in the 2nd inning, so let's just settle down and throw strikes."

Answer: Once again, this could easiliy fit in the Bannister category, but it's not. It's our resident Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde....this was obviously one of his Dr Jekyll moments. O2wdavies_medium via

20. "I felt like I was pitching on the moon tonight....That was Coors Field on steroids...The ball was coming off their bats like a Super Ball."

Answer: I thought this was an easy one.....who could forget that game in Texas where the wind was blowing like 40 mph (whoops...there's my inner DDJ coming out) and Josh Hamilton hit that opposite field grand salami that looked like a routine pop-up coming off the bat?  It was our Mr. Hard Luck/Trying New Things/Captain Regression of 2008....Banny. Dbacks9335_medium


21. "For some reason, he's the one umpire that scares me. I have nightmares about him."

Answer: Who else would make this comment? Nightmares? There's only one choice.  He was referring to the umpire (McClellan, I think) who takes forever to call a pitch as a ball or a strike. I don't even need a picture of the's our pal Donald Z. Greinke. Chipotle_medium


22.  "We got to 3-2 after a few close calls and the umpire thought that he went around on that, and I lucked out, actually. From what I hear, he didn't go, so maybe God was on my side tonight."

Answer: This is also referring to the game at Yankee Stadium in which Aviles got his first MLB hits, Kyle Davies shut down the Yankees lineup, and I dropped an ARod homer in was this reliever who came into a big spot and got Jason Giambi on a check swing strike three. Hint: He's not a member of the players' union.
5395_medium via

23. "It's never easy."

Answer:  Simple, stoic, to the point.  Just like our most beloved reliever, Soriaforbloglgame_medium via

24. "Whatever tomorrow brings, you've just got to go out and just keep pitching -- never give up."

Answer: Words of wisdom from the man who once gave up 10 runs in an inning of relief.  His initials are Y.Y. (haha...if you google image search for 'yimmy yobble'...the first few rows of pics are all from royals review! Jimmy_gobble_0001_medium via

25. "When you hear that sound, you pretty much know what the result is."

Answer: This one was insanely could've been almost anyone, save Soria. Alas, it's our 55 million dollar man. (somehow I found a picture of his current and old house in this search too): Meche_medium via

26. "My dad texted me that....I'm getting all the records..."

27. "A lot of these guys, I didn't even know who they were."

The last two were too good to pass up.....both are Greinke.  Who else would have his dad text him during a game to tell him he has the Royals' record for most hits in a game by a pitcher (two)?   Who else would say he doesn't know the Oakland A's batters after they've made late-season call-ups? (Remember how brutal that roster was at the end of the year? I think we struck out Eric Patterson every time he batted.) Ahhh Mr. Zack Greinke....what would we do without you?  In your own words....."that's why they call you special." (by the way, if you never saw that episode of FSN-MW's "Royals Insider" where they had him wearing a microphone during batting practice, you need to find a copy of it somewhere.track down fred white himself if you need to. it's classic.) You may be able to watch them all here:    I don't have the time to try and play them all and see if I can find the one with Zack in BP, but if you find it, let me know...because it's worth it. Trust me.




Ok, so that does it! The first installment of KC Royals "Who Said It?" Quotation Challenge is over.  Is it bad that I have the answers to these memorized? Or is that unbelievably awesome? Either way, I may try to periodically throw some of these out there during the season to keep things fresh. I didn't have time to go over the people who guessed for this challenge....maybe you all could see how many you got right on your own....if not I'll probably have a chance sometime this week to tally them up. 

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