Early projection on 2010 Royals roster

Because I know we can't wait to see who's going to be suiting up for the boys in blue next year, I went through and mocked-up a preliminary roster for the Royals in 2010.

This roster still needs a RF, 5th starter, and LOOGY. I estimated arb awards and have $64.5 million spent thus far. So, assuming our payroll is no more than $75 million, we've got about $10 million to burn. Here's what I've come up with:

Player Pos Salary
Buck, John c    3,000,000.00
Butler, Billy 1b-dh       500,000.00
Callaspo, Alberto 2b       500,000.00
Gordon, Alex 3b    1,000,000.00
Betancourt, Yuniesky ss    3,375,000.00
DeJesus, David lf    4,700,000.00
Maier, Mitch of       500,000.00
TBD of
Guillen, Jose dh  12,000,000.00
Bloomquist, Willie 2b-of    1,700,000.00
Ka'aihue, Kila 1b-dh       400,000.00
Getz, Chris 2b       400,000.00
Pena, Brayan c       500,000.00
Greinke, Zack rhp-s    7,250,000.00
Meche, Gil rhp-s  12,400,000.00
Bannister, Brian rhp-s    2,000,000.00
Tejeda, Robinson rhp    1,000,000.00
TBD p  
Soria, Joakim rhp    3,000,000.00
Cruz, Juan rhp    3,250,000.00
Farnsworth, Kyle rhp    4,500,000.00
Hochevar, Luke rhp-s    1,000,000.00
Rosa, Carlos rhp       400,000.00
Lerew, Anthony rhp       400,000.00
TBD lhp  
Buyouts (net)         725,000.00


I am assuming that Aviles and Fields start the year in Omaha and that Davies is let go, saving about $1.5 million. Colon is gone. Internal options for the 5th spot include Campillo and I guess Davies if the $1.5 mil can't be spent better elsewhere. I think Hooch needs to go to the bullpen where I believe he'll be more effective. If not, send him back down to AAA and pick up somebody cheap. Needless to say, I don't think this team is very good and maybe would win 75 games, IF Meche and Bannister are healthy. If not, we're basically fucked.

One possible scenario would be that Callaspo takes over as the primary DH, but then what happens with Guillen? I can't imagine him being back in RF next year, but I can't imagine them just flat-out releasing him either. I hope that line of thinking doesn't lead them to part with Callaspo b/c he's one of our best bats and would be a positive contributor at DH.

Another scenario might be that Getz ends up going to AAA and Callaspo backs up 2nd and 3rd while DHing, and Guillen also plays DH and occasionally fills in in RF. Not ideal, but better than playing him there every day.

In either scenario, it seems unlikely that Kaaihue would get much PT. Cutting Guillen would solve a number of problems, but I say let him DH, hope that he rebounds and if he does, trade him for anything then bring up Kaaihue. If he doesn't rebound, you cut him and then bring up Kaaihue. Thoughts?

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