In the Battle of Grass Creek, you now have at least 1 double agent

I can't take it anymore.  I love the Royals with all my heart, and I am still a fan.  I still want the Royals to win a World Series, I want the prospects to pan out, I want Dayton Moore to get better at his job (mainly because I don't see him being fired for a long, long time).  But my jealousy of the M's and their GM turned into fandom this morning.


"The Mariners like free-agent left fielder Jason Bay — who doesn't? — but their interest has been "overstated," according to major-league sources.

The M's concern with Bay is that his defensive shortcomings would be exacerbated playing in the big left field at Safeco Field. Bay played in an expansive left field earlier in his career at Pittsburgh's PNC Park, but over the course of a long-term deal his range would figure to further decline.

Then again, while the M's have stressed defense under new general manager Jack Zduriencik, they also need a big bat, particularly with third baseman Adrian Beltre rejecting their offer of salary arbitration.

If Bay is not that bat, they will need to find one elsewhere." - Ken Rosenthal:


Catcher Kendall eyes Royals — 7:39 a.m.

"Free-agent catcher Jason Kendall is focusing on a possible contract with Kansas City.

There is a gap in the financial discussions, but the Royals offer what Kendall wants most -- a chance to play every day.

Kendall, 35, has appeared in at least 130 games in 13 of his 14 big-league seasons, including each of the last 10. He is a career .290 hitter, but the grind of a heavy catching load has begun to show. He has a composite .243 average in the last three seasons, including back-to-back years with Milwaukee in which he hit .244. He split the 2007 season between Oakland and the Chicago Cubs before signing with the Brewers for the 2008 season.

The Royals have a definite need for a catcher. Miguel Olivo, who led the team with 23 home runs last season, is a free agent, and the Royals are expected to non-tender a contract to John Buck prior to Saturday's deadline to offer players on the 40-man roster contract". --Tracy Ringolsby


These little stories were enough to do it.  While we keep praying and hoping our offseason rumors aren't true, the Mariners fans actually get to hear smart rumors.  I mean, that's exactly what we think of Bay on this site for the most part.  Terrible on defense, has a great bat.  Just once in my lifetime of following the Royals, I'd like to know what it is like to have a competent GM.  That's all I really want for Christmas, and would cause me to end my new found loyalties for the enemy.  Until then, the Mariners are a team I want to be very successful so that people (including our GM and owner) sit up and take notice.  Go Mariners!!

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