Current Players: Who Deserves The Hall?

I wanted to begin a discussion on which current Major League players are worthy of eventual enshrinement into the National Baseball Hall of Fame.  Here is a post that I compiled over at Royals Nation, where I analyze the current players who are already Hall-worthy, and the players whom I feel are well underway for eventual induction.

What are your sentiments on the following players?  With these players, I'll provide relevant statistics and a short comment or two on that particular player.  Note that, for good measure, I included players who retired this offseason.  I've provided the player, and the team they should be inducted under (hypothetically....or as if the player had no choice in the matter), and some relevant statistics.  (I wanted to include a defensive metric like UZR, but it only tallies back to 2002, according to Fangraphs).

Players enshrined (if retired today):

Carlos Delgado (TOR) - .280/.383/.546, 138 OPS+, 469 HR, 7.7 RC/G, (Sheer dominance in the late 1990s and early 2000s.  I think he deserves to be let in after a second or third try.)
Chipper Jones (ATL) - .310/.408/.548, 145 OPS+, 408 HR, 8.4 RC/G [3B] (No doubter.)
Tom Glavine (ATL) - 118 ERA+, 305-203 W-L, 3.54 ERA/3.95 FIP (No doubter.)
Jim Edmonds (STL) - .284/.377/.528, 132 OPS+, 382 HR, 7.3 RC/G (He might have to wait several years, but I think he deserves it as a Cardinal.  Excellent defense.  He is worthy for debate, at the very least, I think).
Ken Griffey (SEA) - .288/.373/.547, 138 OPS+, 611 HR, 7.4 RC/G (No doubter.)
Randy Johnson (SEA) - 137 ERA+, 295-160 W-L, 3.26 ERA/3.15 FIP (Mariners narrowly edges out D-Backs, IMO.  Will likely earn 300th victory with SFN this year.  No doubter).
Brian Giles (PIT) - .294/.404/.511, 139 OPS+, 285 HR, 7.8 RC/G, (Outside looking in; not sure; very underrated)
Trevor Hoffman (SDN) - 144 ERA+, 554 SV, 2.78 ERA/3.0 FIP (Shoe-in)
Manny Ramirez (BOS) - .314/.411/.593, 155 OPS+, 527 HR, 9 RC/G (Shoe-in)
Curt Schilling (ARI) - 127 ERA+, 216-146 W-L, 3.46 ERA/3.23 FIP (still think he goes in as a D-Back, despite winning 2 WS as a Red Sock)
Pedro Martinez (BOS) - 154 ERA+, 214-99 W-L, 2.91 ERA/2.89 FIP (Shoe-in)
Alex Rodriguez (NYA) - .306/.389/.578, 147 OPS+, 553 HR, 8.3 RC/G (Shoe-in based on #s [ignoring the A-Roid scandal])
Derek Jeter (NYA) - .316/.387/.458, 120 OPS+, 206 HR, 6.7 RC/G (Shoe-in)
Mariano Rivera (NYA) - 199 ERA+, 482 SV, 2.29 ERA/2.78 FIP (Of course)
Frank Thomas (CHA) - .301/.419/.555, 156 OPS+, 521 HR, 8.8 RC/G (Shoe-in)
Jim Thome (CLE) - .279/.406/.560, 148 OPS+, 541 HR, 8.6 RC/G (I think this is obvious)
Gary Sheffield (LAD) - .292/.394/.516, 141 OPS+, 499 HR, 7.5 RC/G (Yes)
*Mike Mussina (NYA) - 270-153 W-L, 3.68 ERA/3.57 FIP, 123 ERA+, (Only a true #1 for several years in BAL, but I think he deserves it)
*Greg Maddux (ATL) - 355-227 W-L, 3.16 ERA, 132 ERA+ (Shoe-in)
*Jeff Kent (SFN) - .290/.356/.500, 123 OPS+, 377 HR, 6.2 RC/G (Underrated, defense hurts his cause, though)

Worthy of outside debate:  Omar Vizquel, Billy Wagner.....any more?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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