TV airing gives us chance for observation

Since I actually get to see a game for the first time, albeit on tape delay, I thought I would post some observations. Here goes:

Top 1 - Mike Jacobs takes two outside pitches from the lefty for strikes and then looks very comfortable fouling off the next two outside pitches to stay alive. I was very impressed with his approach after being down 0-2, and obviously it paid off with a nice jack to right-center.

Bot 1 - Gordon shows very nice range to his left to start a possible DP, good turn by Bloomquist but not in time. Olivo shows off gun, spoils attempted steal to end inning. Both very promising!

Top 2 - Crisp draws another walk, like his BB stats this spring. I believe that is 11 BB's to only 3 K's.

Bot 2 - Hoch falls behind 3-0, battles back to get the K, impressive!

Top 3 - Jacobs, same situation (down 0-2), but reaches out to foul one off and ends up putting it in play for a 6-4-3 DP. After nice AB drawing a BB, Olivo makes bad mistake and gets caught between 1st and 2nd.

Bot 3 - Hoch working ahead in the count, nice to see.

Top 4 - Teahen flies out to CF, oops.....I mean hits a HR! Nice swing, as was his swing in the 2nd, but I don't think it gets out at most parks. TPJ actually impressing me with going the other way for the second straight AB, nice to see him stop swinging for the fences. Oh, and I'm not a TPJ lover but damn does he have an arm from short!

Bot 4 - Fred Lewis is fast! Giants starting to put good wood on the ball 2nd time through. But Hoch gets some help from the slick fielding Jacobs and an inning-ending DP. Looked like a GG'er over there at 1st!

Top 5 - Jacobs making a nice impression on me in this game with another hard hit ball for a double. (Disclaimer: only my first time being able to watch him play) However, I would not send him home on a shallow ball in LF. Interesting note: 3 consecutive LH batters in the lineup, only ST but I found it interesting regardless.

Bot 5 - Not sure if the radar gun is that accurate in this game, but starting to notice that Hoch's fastball is a lot slower than I thought. (high 80's) And on that note, Hoch walks a guy and gets the rest of the day off. Wow!! Heath Phillips is a large man! And not a bad pitcher to boot! And I can't stop using exclamation points!!!! Damn whiskey.

Top 6 - Seriously, TPJ has 3 hits in the game and actually looks like a ML hitter...just weird. But he's really not very fast, please don't send him often. Crisp does a nice job hitting to the right side with a runner on 2nd, it's the little things folks!

Okay, duty calls and I have to give my time to the fiancee. Damn Sunday nights! Please leave your observations of the game if you are/were watching and feel free to comment on mine. Mostly positive observations, btw, if you didn't already notice.

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