For All The Dummies

I just read a post here on Royals Review surrounding a certain sabermetric that actually gave me a headache.  This is a huge statement to that article because I only get headaches about once every three months and of those headaches, one rarely last more than ten minutes; which means that in a given year I only have a headache for a total of no more than 40 minutes (not including days in which I consumed more than 2.5 glasses of wine the previous night) and that's twice as long as it took me to read the article and the posts that followed... I think it finally went away.

I'll be honest, I am actually very fascinated with the sabermetrics that get whittled and whittled into fine-pointed weapons of projection, but let us not forget that those weapons still have to fly through the ever-unpredictable sky of baseball's chaos theory. Baseball is a game of mystique and no matter what happens, we all know that anything can happen.

I have been a devout Royals fan for years and I am beginning to grow out of my childhood fascination and into a more mature perspective of the game, so sabermetrics is something that is slowly grabbing my attention. Although, I am not the same mathematics whiz I was in high school trigonometry, so that could serve as a natural counter-balance to the interest. The fact is, the older I get (and the more fantasy baseball I play), the more important numbers are to me as it relates to this, the greatest game on earth.

That said, I am still a dummy when it comes to baseball (I just learned what OPS is, so I’m sure as hell not going to latch onto the idea of BABIP anytime soon), so despite my recent interest in “the numbers” I thought it would be appropriate to digress a bit. Sabermetrics have become more like crack around the Royals Review than actual blog-worthy material, so sit back and enjoy the thoughts of what this year might hold for Kansas City from an honest, optimistic dummy.

1) Luke Hochevar: I think Luke breaks out this year and becomes a premier major league pitcher.

2) Billy Butler and Alex Gordon: I actually think that bringing in Kevin Seitzer as the hitting coach will bring some consistency to the young bats on this team and you will see both of these guys feeding off of one another’s energy and inch closer to, if not achieve, break-out seasons.

3) Jose Guillen: Jose will have an average to slightly above average season and will be healthy 90 percent of the time (I know, this one’s a stretch)

4) Kyle Farnsworth: Farnsy will kill a man with a wild 99 mph pitch to the skull and set an all-time personal record for lowest ERA using only his roid-rage powered mean-streak mojo.

5) Zack Greinke: Greinke will make a case for the Cy Young award.

6) TJP and Gload: I think these guys are great people, but not great baseball players. They will not be with the team (fingers crossed on this one).

7) Mike Jacobs: ???

8) Offensively: The Royals will make incredible strides in runs scored this year. I predict that they crack the top 8, maybe top 7 in the AL for runs scored.

9) Defensively: Not good. I told you I was being honest.

10) Overall: I predict they will finish second in the AL Central with 87 wins… or third with 86.

That’s all I have. Enjoy the game.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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