Our Lineup & Roster

I know Guillen won't be out that much longer but currently with both Guillen and Gordon out, it got me thinking over lunch yesterday about what I would do with our position player roster and lineup.  Here goes...

C - Buck

1B - Butler

2B - Callapso

SS - Avlies

3B - Teahen

LF - DeJesus

CF - Crisp

RF - Maier

DH - Jacobs

That leaves gives us 3 righties, 4 lefties, and 2 switch hitters.  That works.  I would bat them as follows:

1. Crisp

2. Aviles

3. DeJesus

4. Butler

5. Teahen

6. Buck

7. Jacobs

8. Callapso

9. Maier

I know it sounds easy to say after last night's performance but honestly I thought and think this isn't a bad lineup and it's not that much worse than having Guillen and Gordon in it.  It is worse, but not appreciably because Guillen and Gordon are not consistent high level performers and Callapso is a productive offensive contributor.  I guess it depens a lot on how Maier would do in my everyday lineup (but it doesn't look like we'll get to find that out since Hillman will likely play Bloomquist most nights). Where I think the injuries hurt us the most is not in our starting lineup but rather with our bench.  Our bench was a bit odd to start the year (by keeping T. Pena and 3 catchers; I know B. Pena can play other positions but he can't be that good at them) but with these injuries I really don't think it works very well at all.

With our current roster and my suggested lineup above, that leaves us with the following bench: Bloomquist, T. Pena, B. Pena, and Olivo.  The oddity of having 3 catchers needs to end.  I was willing to live with carrying 3 for a little while because I didn't want to lose B.Pena but the time has come to resolve this for the sake of our bench.  I would trade/dump Olivo (if we can afford to eat yet another contract).  We would lose nothing without him.  I would replace Olivo's roster spot with Shealy so we could have a decent righty option off the bench and I would replace T.Pena's spot with Hullet (decent to good plate discipline and can play multiple positions).  This would leave us with the following bench:  B.Pena, Bloomquist, Shealy, and Hullet.  As a manager, I'd feel like I had a lot more options than with Olivio, B.Pena, T. Pena, and Bloomquist.

What do you think about the lineup and the bench?



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