Offday 2 Open Thread (Debut: FRNS)

Welcome, welcome, to another glorious offday.  I've noticed a delightful trend this season: one hundred percent of all offdays follow days with games in which Kyle Farnsworth blew it (or Trey Hillman blew it vicariously through Farnsworth)!

So not only do we get to spend all day thinking about how bored we are and how much we'd rather be watching the Royals play, we also get another whole extra twenty-four hours to ponder how absolutely, unbelievably stupid it was that Farnsworth pitched the day before.

With that in mind, I mentioned this in the game thread, but I think it was lost in the blind rage.  I have discovered a very important statistic which I think will be revolutionary.  My name will soon be up there with Bill James and other Fathers of Statistics or Whatever.  The statistic, FRNS, is formulated thusly:

A team X has a pitcher Y, whose name is Kyle Farnsworth.  Every one of X's losses that can be directly attributed to Y counts for that team as a FRNS.

The Royals currently lead the majors in FRNS with 3.  Curiously, no other team has any, though there were similar anomalies in past seasons.

How useful and revolutionary will the FRNS be?  Well, I think it will be a reliable predictor of playoff appearance and performance.  My hypothesis is, if a team's FRNS is too high - the Royals are a good example, if they continue on their pace for 35 FRNS this season - they have a zero percent chance to make the playoffs.  In fact, they won't even come close.  Everyone will laugh at them.  Similarly, I predict that season FRNS rate and playoff losses will be closely related; a team with a high enough FRNS rate is sure to get a FRNS or two in the playoffs, and then they'll lose and everyone will laugh at them.

I'll be watching the Royals closely now to keep track of their FRNS (and their FRNS+, FRNSIPVORP, FRNSPBCNTR, tFRNSoXRBeNPi, and all other derivatives).  I'll keep you posted as the season drags on.


[Note: I picked on Farnsy, but this is actually all Hillman's fault.  But I wasn't sure if the Royals have more HLMNs than FRNSs.  Probably.  Someone else will have to keep track of that.]

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