Calling Out 2LegittoShit and the Other Non-Stats People

none stat geek, geeks.  First of all please let me say how much I enjoy this site and all of the contributors to it.  Being that we are blogging at all let's all of us release the baseball geek that lives in his mom's basement (however that may refer to your current situation, it is meant to be figurative, but if it does refer to you literally, then power to you mooch of the realm).

2Legit, I call upon you not to quit the site.  I stand resolved that this site can use more fans like you, and dare I say me.  If I read you correctly, you are not a stat head, a quality that this site seems to be rather top heavy with.  That over abundance of stats makes this site unfortunately unapproachable to many fans who are just as passionate as everyone else.  Keep in mind, the whole point of blogging is intended to give a voice to the voiceless, the "silent majority" if you will.

Stats are important, but they have a tendency to be overly relied upon, which inevitibly leads to folly for some and the ever popular underdog victory on the flip side of the bean counter coin.  Ex:  statistically speaking William Wallace should never have beaten the English in any engagement (who's not a fan of braveheart), the 13 Colonies  shouldn't have won their independence, the Texicans should never have been able to overcome Santa Ana's veteran forces (remember the Alamo bitches), the USA should have won in Vietnam (McNamara's failure as the chief war advisor is one of the biggest bean counter failures in history).

Going by the numbers is VERY important and an understanding of them is important, but it is something that I and other's like me will never get, we just don't have the wiring for it.  And for all of you who do, great for you, just do the rest of us a favor and don't crunch your numbers in a vacuum.  Let us not forget that FIGURES DO NOT LIE, BUT LIARS SURE CAN FIGURE. 

How many decades has big tobacco had medical researches "prove" that there was no connection between cigarettes and cancer.  I'm sure someone in a white lab coat can show me a formula that an elephant can safely hang off a cliff with it's tail tied to a dandylion;  thanks, but I'll stick with my own two eyes and common sense.

Going strictly by the numbers would have robbed us of some of sports greatest moments.  By the numbers, no way does THE MIRACLE happen with USA Hockey vs USSR Hockey, no way does Tommy Lassorda put Gibson in to hit by the numbers, Bill Mazeroski is not left in, in the bottom of the 9th to hit the first homerun to decide a World Series against the hated Yankees (lead by Mantle and Marris).

That is the beautiful thing about sports, it is something where unevenly matched opponents can meet on an even playing field.  No way can KC compare to New York;  but I tell you what, I'll get my best 25 guys, you get your best 25 guys, let's hit the field and see what happens.  For that brief period of THE GAME, THE MATCH, THE CONTEST, we get to transcend the indefatiguable, unarguable numbers.  Any given Sunday as it were;  that's why they play the games;  they don't just look at lineup cards and say well, the stats say you got me this time, see ya tomorrow.

With that said I have nothing but the greatest respect for the numbers, more often than not they are correct;  you don't get to become the language of the universe for nothing know.  But a little heart, a little guts and dare I mention GRIT, is also part of the equation;  that part that is in between the numbers.  That's all the space that guys like 2Legit and I need, and the multitudes like us.  From one fan to another, let's just approach the game from our respective perspectives and don't forget that we can always agree on our mutual hatred of all things Yankee, Cardinal and Mariner;  REMEMBER GRASS CREEK!!!!!

Thanks to those of you who bothered to read this rant, I look forward to your comments and any ensuing arguments (that's the other FUN thing about blogging).

Yours Truly,



This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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