BOD: Boyfriend of the Day, May 6th, 2009 PLUS a special BOD Poll!

This is a special edition BOD in that I have a bit of a problem. My totals are very skewed! I have players such as Callaspo and Crisp that have been freaking BOSS all season but are lagging in points. I want to make sure that players that are doing well day to day get a little love. So What I'm going to do is give you a chance to vote on players you think have contributed over the past 1/6th (roughly) of the season. So leave a comment with that players name in the subject, and if you want to vote, reply to THAT comment with something like +1 or second or third or what have you. Try not to let the May games affect you but if they do, so be it!

The player with the most points will get...oh, 10 BOD points, second place will get 7 BOD points, and third place will get 5 BOD points. If there are other players who have multiple votes but not enough for placing, I will award them 1-3 BOD points, depending on the number of votes for them.

This new segment? We're gonna call it the BOD Monthly Socialism Experiment. Because I feel a little like Stalin right now, minus the 'stache and the killing of millions. Either that or I feel like Bowser when he gets all badass in the last five turns of a Mario Party game.

Boyfriend of the Day



Pop out the bubbly, cuz Ponson managed to get a win! He went 7.1 innings, allowing only one run. True he had 1 K and 1 walk but...well, last night was a miracle, folks.

Smitten Kitten



Mark "I love my maaaam" Teahen is getting the nod here for a nice solo shot and going 3 for 5 with 3 RBIs. Mmm, toasty.

Honorable Mentions





Erm. Yeah. Call this a continuation of the BOD Socialism Experiment. But...that full moon really does work, doesn't it? As someone said last night, who would have thought that the Royals would win a game with Pontoon, HoRam, AND The Farnsy all going. We witnessed a miracle last night, folks, and it was magical. Hold on to that feeling.

BOD Total Update!

Greinke: 17

Buck: 9

Soria: 9

Butler: 7

Guillen: 6

Teahen: 6

Aviles: 5

Bannister: 5

Meche: 5

Wright: 5

Callaspo: 4

Jacobs: 4

Olivo: 4

Crisp: 3.5

Davies: 3.5

Cruz: 3

Ponson: 3

DeJesus: 2

Bloomquist: 1

Farnsworth: 1

Ramirez: 1

Gordon: 0

Mahay: 0

Maier: 0

Pena: 0

Tejeda: 0

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