Dayton Moore's Masterful Three-Year improvement of the Royals: A Series of Graphs

While the season so far has taken a troubling turn, the Royals' record has improved each season since Dayton Moore took over the helm, and, without looking, I believe they are still ahead of 2008's pace. He's surely made over the team from head-to-toe on every level. At least that's what we've been told: it's been all those new players, the "winners," who have made a difference. But is this really the case? I thought it might be nice to just look at the Royals 2009 RAR (Runs Above Replacement) as listed today at FanGraphs and simply put up a series of graphs seeing what proportion of the Royal's marginal runs/wins are from players that Dayton Moore acquired, and what proportion are from pre-Dayton Moore holdovers. Sure, it's probably not much in the latter category, since I'm sure the KC media would have pointed that out already, but let's take a look anyway. I'm actually not going to offer much commentary -- Dayton Moore's masterful team building skills speak for themselves. I'll leave the detailed analysis for the 6 people who look at and read this. Here's the first one:




Crisp 11.1   DDJ 10.3
Olive Oil 10.3   Teahen 7.6
Bert 5.9   Butler 7.1
Willie B. 2.8   Buck 4.5
BPJ 2.3   Gordon 0.4
Tug -2.1   MITCH 0.1
TPJ -3.5   Aviles -9.2
Guillen -7.6      
TPJJ -2.1      
Jacobs -0.6      
Total 16.5     20.8




Meche 23.6   Greinke 44.4
Banny 14   Hochevar 2.9
Sidney 5.8      
Soria 4.8      
The Prof 4.8      
Tejeda 3.3      
Colon 1.8      
Bale 1.6      
Davies 1.2      
HoRam -0.2      
Mahay -0.5      
Cruz -0.6      
Waechter -0.9      
Jamey  -0.9      
Total 57.8     47.3





Gil Meche 23.6   Zack Greinke 44.4
Brian Bannister 14   David Dejesus 10.3
Coco Crisp 11.1   Mark Teahen 7.6
Miguel Olivo 10.3   Billy Butler 7.1
Alberto Callaspo 5.9   John Buck 4.5
Sidney Ponson 5.8   Luke Hochevar 2.9
Joakim Soria 4.8   Alex Gordon 0.4
Kyle Farnsworth 4.8   Mitch Maier 0.1
Robinson Tejada 3.3   Mike Aviles -9.2
Willie Bloomquist 2.8      
Brayan Pena 2.3      
Roman Colon 1.8      
John Bale 1.6      
Kyle Davies 1.2      
Horacio Ramirez -0.2      
Ron Mahay -0.5      
Juan Cruz -0.6      
Mike Jacobs -0.6      
Doug Waechter -0.9      
Jamey Wright -0.9      
Tug Hulett -2.1      
Luis Hernandez -2.1      
Tony Pena, Jr. -3.5      
Jose Guillen -7.6      
Total 74.3     68.1




[This picture is a classic by Dan Szymborski -- I hope he doesn't mind me using it.]

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