Royals Roster Breakdown Part 6: The Bravest Part

We all know Dayton Moore likes ex-Braves, but to exactly what extent are we talking about here?  Let's take a little look see shall we?

Current 40 Man Roster ex-Braves

Kyle Farnsworth

Bruce Chen

Roman Colon

Juan Cruz

Ron Mahay

Brayan Pena

Tony Pena Jr

Kyle Davies

Luis Hernandez*

9 out of 40 = 22.5%

If Farnsworth wasn't on the DL, these would all be 25 man roster guys (except for Davies and Chen, as Chen took Davies's spot), so 8 out of 25 = 32%


ex-Braves in farm system

Scott Thorman

Matt Wright

Cory Aldridge

Chase Fontaine*
Anthony Lerew*
Doug Clark*
Carlos Rivas*
Carlos Sencion*

*Thanks to RoyalsRetro

Trades we should make with the Braves

Kala Ka'aihue for Kila Ka'aihue - Kala plays in the Braves' minors.  Dayton obviously dislikes Kila, so let's trade him for his brother Kala who would then have the bonus of being an ex-Brave.

Guillen for Francoeur - Seriously, Guillen isn't already an ex-Brave?  9 teams and counting...  Hopefully.



ex-Mariners on the 40-man

Gil Meche

Jose Guillen

Willie Bloomquist

Miguel Olivo

Tug Hulett

Jamey Wright* - ST sign and release, thanks kcemigre

These are all active too.  That makes the ex-Braves&Mariners quotient 14 out of 25 = 56%


The newest connection: ex-Rangers

Jamey Wright

Robinson Tejeda

Ron Mahay

Bruce Chen

Sidney Ponson

Tug Hulett - thanks to kcemigre

Travis Metcalf*-not on active roster


72% of active Royals have a connection to the Braves, Mariners, or Rangers. 


Dayton's unnatural obsession with Peña's

Tony Peña, Jr.

Brayan Peña

Peña Hernandez, I mean Luis

Miguel Eduardo (Peña) Olivo


ex-Braves, ex-Royals, and ex-Mariners

Horacio Ramirez


The littlest ex-Brave is: Joakim Soria

 Thanks go to BabyBlues for pointing this out!


This post was thoroughly half-assed.  Did I miss anybody?

Thanks RoyalsRetro, kcemigre and BabyBlues!

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