Let us Now Direct Our Ire Towards Roy Halladay or Kevin Kaduk or Someone

The headline says it all, "Roy Halladay would like you to wait before voting for the Cy Young".



Harry Leroy Halladay has a league-leading nine victories and has pitched 50 innings since May 1, going 5-2 with a 2.13 ERA. Over that span, he's recorded 50 strikeouts and only issued eight walks. For a team that has worked its way into expectations of being a division contender in the AL East (but might not have the arms to do it), Halladay is the nicest constant to rely upon every five days.  

Now, do I think Halladay will add a mate to the Cy Young he won in 2003? Nope, not as long as Greinke keeps putting up historic numbers with the unreal command he's showing.

But if the gap between their digits narrows? Well, then you'd have to consider the AL East opponents Halladay regularly faces (something the voters didn't do in '08) and we'd be in for a fantastic fall debate between two deserving candidates.


How dare he argue that if Greinke slips (which WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!111) and that if Halladay improves (which WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!111) that Halladay may be the better choice. How dare he.

This is the angriest I've been since Arod announced his free agency during the World Series! (Because it is still 1930 and newspapers can only run one column a day on baseball so we need to have a gentleman's agreement that the only news regarding the sport can be the World Series.) The only time other that even comes close was how I felt during days 2-3 of the Lebron handshake controversy.

I want this clown writing on his internets page fired immediately. I'm so sick of these cowards writing from their mother's basements about sports when THEY NEVER PLAYED THE GAME. You know how many teams there are? Thirty (holds out three fingers) and none of them have ever interviewed this clown for a job. I want to fire this stumblebum. NOW.




ps- non-hyperbolic/ironic note: Halladay didn't get any strength of schedule benefits last season when he should have won the Cy Young over Gomer Lee (who went something like 10-0 with a 0.01 ERA against the Royals), so I don't expect that will happen this year

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