Gil Meche is the King of All Grit

Gil Meche threw a modern day masterpiece today. Gil, the greatest American Hero, threw 121 pitches in 6 innings and walked five batters. But he threw the ball fast! It didn't matter that he threw only 61% of pitches for strikes. HE THREW THE BALL FAST. Velocity = quality.

Not to mention Gil's manliness. Unlike wimps who insist that overworking pitchers is barbaric, Trey Hillman knows to let manly pitcher like Gil Meche finish their innings. Trey Hillman doesn't BELIEVE in pitch counts. After all, there is no such thing as pitch counts in Japan, and look at how healthy their pitchers are!

Gil Meche was pure grit today. Gil shows the world that he was not hurt by having to throw 20 pitches an inning and being unable to locate the strikezone almost 2/5ths of the time. Gil Meche is not hurt, because he was able to pitch 121 pitches. Much like how he proved he was not hurt when he threw 116 pitches coming off of a start ended with back pain. Much like how he proved that he was not hurt when he manned up and threw 132 pitches. Those starts didn't lead to further problems and this start proves that Gil is healthy.


Gil Meche put himself in the front of the Cy Young Award sweepstakes with his masterpiece today. He knew when to throw strikes and when to avoid the Twins big hitters like Nick Punto and Carlos Gomez.

If every Royal was as manly as Gil Meche, then we would have a surplus of grit. But the wimpyness of Coco Crisp, Joakim Soria, Alex Gordon, and Mike Aviles is a detriment to this team. We need more manly men who can play through injuries, instead of just shutting down and going to the DL after getting a stratch.

Gil Meche is the King of all Grit. When he takes the mound, you know that he's going to give you 110 pitches. Gil Meche doesn't quit because he doesn't know the word quit. Gil Meche thinks your concerns over his health are stupid and he knows that he is going to keep chugging on as the Royals surge towards an AL Central title.

Anyways, he's really good after being overworked, as these stats from several years ago prove!


the preceding fanpost was contributed by dedicated Royals fan Mohammed Saaed Al-Sahhaf

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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