Once is a fluke, twice is a trend, three times is....

Trey Hillman's complete ineptitude as the field manager of the Royals.

Three games this weekend where the Royals led in the eighth inning and do the Royals win all three? No. Two of three? No. One out of three? Again, no. That's right, boys and girls, the Royals lost all three games in the first series back from the All-Star break. In each case, Inspector Clouseau simply refused to use the most effective reliever that the Royals have, Joakim Soria.

Well, why wouldn't he use the Royals closer when the games are on the line? That's exactly what all the Royals fans are trying, in vain, to figure out today as well as for the majority of this weekend. Apparently, according to Inspector Clouseau, Joakim has too much rest and he doesn't want to possibly cause injury by using him with so much rest.


Three games that are begging for the Royals to have their best reliever in the game and he doesn't see the field in any of them. Are any of you scratching your heads about this, like I am? It's mindboggling the stupidity of his statements.

  Quoting Trey Hillman from the Star's website; “I’ve got to stick with my guns, stick with my convictions of what I’ve learned and what I know is best for the individual guys over the long haul for this organization — whether I am here or whether I’m not here — to do what’s right. I’ll continue to do that to the best of my ability.”

And what have you learned, Trey? That not using Joakim Soria, AT LEAST ONCE THIS WEEKEND, would have been poor managing at best and borderline criminal at the worst? He IS the best pitcher coming out of the bullpen and unless he's hurt again, and judging by the few times we've seen him lately, that's not likely. HE SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN ON THE FIELD ONCE, IF NOT TWICE, AGAINST TAMPA!

It's enough to make me want to give myself a buzzcut simply so I won't pull my hair out in frustration at the complete stupidity that emanates from Inspector Clouseau's mustache. It's obviously overriding his brain and causing senility in the man!

One other thing that I want to know is why isn't John Gibbons getting in Trey's mustache, errrrr ear, and giving him some advice on how to use a bullpen? If he is and Trey's blowing him off then what's the point of having a bench coach if the manager never heeds his advice?

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