Visual Proof of my lifelong of suffering (Camera Day Content)

A month or so ago, the subject of Camera Day @ old Royals stadium came up in the UL Washington, greatest Royals thread, and I said that I'd try to find some old pictures of me, with legends of days past. Well, I had asked my parents to help in that endeavor some time ago, and I just got an email from my dad with the scans...

I think it would be a fun thread if anyone else has any photos of themselves, or their kids from Camera Day...



I was born in December of '78, so I was just under 3 years old on Photo Day in 1981. On August 19, 1981 the Royals squared off against the Toronto Blue Jays. Dennis Leonard vs Juan Berenguer. The Royals entered the game a mere 14.5 games out of first, while the Jays were just 17.0 games back, so this game had major playoff implications! The Jays would ruin all hopes of the Royals making a comeback in that fateful 1981 season by pounding KC 9-4 in front of 28,174 Polaroid wielding fans on that fateful Wedensday afternoon.




THat vacant look in my eyes tells you I knew I was being held by the wrong Brett brother! via


Who knew that just 25 or so years later, that tarp would give Ken Harvey nightmares! via







Upon looking at this picture closely, I am left  to ponder what Peyton Manning was doing dressed as a Nebraska fan! via


And you thought Rance Mulliniks was a highlight! via


Creepy via


The player that brought up the discussion that led to this thread. May he live in infamy for that honor! via


I'm not sure what that white powder is on the top of my hat... via




Probably my favorite of the bunch. When asked as a child between the ages of 2 & 5, it is reported

that when people asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up, I only responded, "I'm gonna be a hitter like Hal."



The Pre-Outfield Experience. via



Nearing my 4th birthday, you can tell I was really hitting my stride as a future Royals fan in these epic shots. due to an unfortunate labeling error, it is impossible to tell exactly when in August of '82 these shots were acquired. No matter the date, the Royals were much more in the thick of the race this season. The entire month of August, the Royals were either in first, or within at least 2 games of first. 




This is one thing I do remember. Sheer disappointment that George wasn't holding any kids, and had a crack security force consisting of Charlies Angels wannabees. via


This was my parent attempt at tricking me into thinking I was "In the Photo with George" I'm sure. via


I believe I have the look of terror on my face because there was a phone nearby...via


I got my picture taken with a guy that walked on the Moon!!! Oh, wait...via


I'm not sure what that white...Oh, I already used that line huh? via


Willie was so fast, he actually took this picture himself. via



The 1983 Photo Day was earlier in the season than the past 2 excursions. The Royals hosted the hated White Sox on this fateful day in May, featuring a pitching matchup of Lamarr Hoyt & Larry Gura. Hoyt definitely got the better of this matchup, as the Sox won 11-3 behind HR's from Greg Luzinski & Harold Baines, and Hoyt threw a complete game. The Royals only managed 7 hits with noone collecting more than 1, and the immortal Pat Sheridan collecting 2 RBI. 31,210 saw the game at Royals Stadium, a crowd that can only hope to be acheived when a Free T-Shirt, or $1 Hot Dogs are there for the fans taking nowadays.

I must have been in a good mood this day. Some of the best facial expressions of any pics I EVER took as a child...






This is the ONE picture that I specifically remember having taken of me. Dick Howser had a DEATH GRIP on me. It was like he was holding me out of a balcony in Europe! via


Who can't think of Don Slaught when pondering great Royals teams of the 80's? via




We need blood tests to confirm that Leon Roberts isn't Mike Jacobs father. via


I have no idea. via


??? Is it just me, or do I look like the little Japanese kid from The Grudge?via




I can't figure out who these 2 guys are...Coaches maybe?via


Post your pics!!!!!!

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