John Buck's triumphant return (w/ poll)

John Buck has the fortune of a quick DL stint with no nonsense. Granted, that happens when you have sudden obvious back problems.

But with John Buck expected in the Majors sometime during the White Sox series, the need for a roster move is obvious. So let's go over some of the possibilities and you, the snarky fan, can pick an option you like.

Brayan Pena could be demoted. The plus being the old baseball adage about not carrying three catchers at once. The minus is that our bench really sucks, we have no pinch hitting options outside of Brayan Pena. Giving Luis Hernandez or TPJ a bat is like giving your dog a toaster. Tug Hulett is an unknown since Trey doesn't like to give him any playing time. Oh yeah, the possibility of losing Brayan Pena on waivers and blowing our shot at trading Miguel Olivo or John Buck is also a minus.

Tony Pena Jr could be demoted. But let's get serious, Dayton's not going to do that. Because Dayton is under some delusion that Tony Pena Jr is a worthy member of a 25 man roster. Keeping Tony Pena Jr on your 25 man roster doesn't make any sense at all.

Tug Hulett could be demoted. Trey Hillman basically banished Tug to purgatory and decided that he wasn't worth giving a shot at shortstop. You can see how Tug Hulett wouldn't get many starts at second over Alberto Callaspo. While Callaspo's fielding blows, he's the best hitter on the team. Also, Tug probably can go to Omaha without going through waivers.

Luis Hernandez could be demoted. When you look up "generic infielder", a photo of Luis Hernandez accompanies that entry. Luis wouldn't be all that bad of a utility option but he hasn't shown much of anything other than being a spare part.

The Bullpen has sucked for awhile, so possibly somebody in the bullpen is expendable. Although with the current 12 pitcher/13 position player split, I don't see them going down to 11 pitchers.

Or perhaps there is another move that is realistic that could be made. Or you just want to vent on someone who you don't like.

There are many options for a roster move to accompany the return of John Buck to starting twice a week and making sure Gil Meche doesn't blow his arm out.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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