2009 Royals BABIP for batters

I really didn't want to wait til the end of the year to skew the data with September call-ups so I'll post this now for your consumption.

For those who don't know, a simple google search on the subject will familiarize you with the concepts here as much work has been done on the subject in just the last year. Several fairly in depth models have been developed but I choose just to keep things simple with a aLD+bGB+cFB model. It isn't as good as the others, but it will still be pretty close and a lot easier to compute. If someone wants to run one of the better models for comparison, I would highly encourage it.

Lastly, this isn't a list of who is good/bad on the team, its an adjustment. Billy Butler is and will be a great hitter, even if he was lucky this year. The list below the jump.

50 PA in 2009 min.



Name                      LD%      BABIP   xBABIP    Diff   
Billy Butler            18.90%    0.341    0.297     0.044    Aviles was ~.065 last year for comparison
Mark Teahen       20.10%    0.341    0.304     0.037   
Miguel Olivo         15.70%    0.311    0.277     0.034    Profiles as a higher BABIP guy with higher K and HR rates
A. Callaspo          16.00%    0.305    0.279     0.026   
Mitch Maier           17.60%    0.311    0.289     0.022   
Alex Gordon          8.50%      0.246    0.233     0.013    The 8.5 LD% is the worry here, just hasn't driven the ball at all
David DeJesus    19.50%    0.308    0.301     0.007   
Jose Guillen         14.20%    0.266    0.268    -0.002   
W. Bloomquist     19.80%    0.298    0.302    -0.004   
Mike Jacobs         18.40%    0.289    0.294    -0.005   
John Buck             16.30%    0.258    0.281    -0.023   
Y. Betancourt        17.30%    0.255    0.287    -0.032   
Brayan Pena         21.80%    0.280    0.315    -0.035    Encouraging that his BA has room to rise further
Coco Crisp           17.60%    0.247    0.289    -0.042    Another reason to try to bring him back next year
Tony Pena             2.80%      0.132    0.196    -0.064    2.8% Oh My Gawd, I had no idea
Mike Aviles            18.90%    0.226    0.297    -0.071    Can this guy just be normal for a year?
Luis Hernandez   20.50%    0.227    0.306    -0.079

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