Royals Review Prospect Pulse: September

The minor league season is wrapping up with some of the short season clubs already finished. 

The big news with this list is the ascension of Mike Montgomery to the #1 spot.  I flip-flopped him and Hosmer but eventually decided if a list that is charting performance through the year is worth anything, it needs to reward Montgomery for his incredible performance.  I still like Hosmer quite a bit and think he will be very good once his hand issues/vision issues are taken care of but Montgomery is not a 'default' #1 because Hoz and Moose have struggled--he is legitimately one of the best LH pitching prospects in the game.  Montgomery has the fastball with good velocity and good life plus an excellent change-up.  And when he has his curve working, as he did earlier this week, we get 6+ IP with 12 Ks and 0 W.  I had figured Montgomery would start next year back at Wilmington but he might just punch his ticket to AA.

This will be the last Prospect Pulse of the season and then I'll throw performance for the rest of the year, reports from Instructional League and Arizona Fall League together and then assemble my offseason prospect list.

Pitcher stats are listed: K-9ip/W-9ip/FIP.  Batting stats are listed: avg/obp/slg


Rank Name Last Month
Age Level Aug. Stats YTD Comment
1 Mike Montgomery
2 20 High-A


Low-A 7.8/3.6/3.16

High-A 7.6/2.1/2.51

Hasn't had much trouble with High-A
2 Eric Hosmer
1 19 High-A 176/263/294

Low-A 255/352/385

High-A 196/260/272

We are left to wonder how he will do with better vision (and a healthy hand)
3 Mike Moustakas-3B 3 20 High-A 283/350/478 255/302/429 Hot month.  A good AFL could restore his top prospect standing.
4 Aaron Crow-RHP 4 22 NA NA NA We continue to wait...
5 Dan Duffy-LHP 5 20 High-A 9.4/3.9/3.31 8.4/2.9/3.21 Continues to be solid/very good.
6 David Lough-CF 10 23 AA 317/372/538

High-A 323/373/477

AA 330/369/531

Having a great year.  Having defied expectations, its hard to know what his ceiling is.
7 Tim Melville-RHP 7 19 Low-A 9.8/4.6/5.23 8.7/4.1/4.34 Been very inconsistent
8 Jeff Bianchi-SS 6 22 AA 274/298/377

High-A 307/364/437

AA 312/352/424

Tough month.
9 J. Giavotella-2B 9 22 High-A 248/295/398 254/351/373 I know his numbers are stagnant but I'm standing by this guy
10 Dan Gutierrez-RHP 12 22 High-A 8.5/2.6/2.47 8.2/2.3/2.44 He's only allowed a run in 1 of his outings
11 Will Myers-C 13 18 SS 238/313/524 238/313/534 So far the bat looks for real
12 John Lamb-LHP 14 19 SS 9.9/2.4/3.71 9.0/2.5/4.1 Could zoom up this list next year

Kila Kaaihue-1B

8 25 AAA 235/354/407 254/394/447 Has been better mediocre the past two months
14 Jordan Parraz-RF 11 24 AAA 353/395/529


AAA 298/358/426

He supposedly hasn't been completely healthy for most of the year--wonder how he'll do when he is?
15 Chris Dwyer-LHP 15 21 SS 12.3/9.8/8.13 12.3/9.8/8.13 It will be interesting to see how they develop this kid-more like a HS or college arm?
16 Tyler Sample-RHP 19 20 SS 6.7/3.0/3.44 8.1/3.6/3.42 Has been putting it together--but isn't especially young for the level.
17 Kelvin Herrera-RHP 16 19 DL NA 1.7/0.0/3.15 Here's the deal: he's had some arm issues but they think rest will take care of it (similar to  what Gutierrez has had)
18 Carlos Rosa-RHP 18 24 AAA 12.1/3.5/2.96 10.1/4.1/3.83 Why isn't he in our bullpen?
19 Disco Hayes-RHP 17 26 AAA 3.9/1.5/3.98

AA 4.0/1.4/3.19

AAA 3.9/1.0/3.68

Struggled a little bit-but I hope he also gets a chance with the big club.
20 Luis Coleman-RHP NR 23 High-A 1.83/12.1/1.9

Low-A 7.0/1.2/2.36

High-A 12.1/1.9/1.83

Has been lights out and is on the fast track
21 Derrick Robinson-CF 34 22 High-A 310/362/491 245/295/328 Zooms up with a great month.
22 Blaine Hardy-LHP 24 22 Low-A 12.4/1.5/2.31 9.0/1.7/2.47 Has clearly mastered Low-A but there isn't room on a loaded Wilmington roster.
23 Greg Holland-RHP 20 23 AAA 1.0/5.0/7.99

AA 9.5/3.7/3.10

AAA 1.0/5.0/7.99

Tough intro to AAA
24 Yowil Espinal-SS 18 27 SS 267/347/467 239/328/399
Pretty good month to close out his season--should see him with a full season club next year.
25 Salvador Perez-C 26 19 SS 353/383/459

SS 311/361/425

Low-A 189/230/236

Some catching help on the horizon?
26 Carlos Fortuna-RHP 19 25 SS 8.5/3.3/4.01 7.4/4.3/5.01 Needs to take a step forward next year.
27 Keaton Hayenga-RHP 23 21 SS 3.4/2.6/4.80 4.6/2.8/3.90 Where are the strikeouts?
28 Juan Abreu-RHP 20 24 AA 10.5/12.1/6.03

High-A 11.8/5.9/3.45

AA 12.7/10.1/4.95
Iffy control has gone from bad to worse.
29 Hilton Richardson 20 36 Low-A

SS 299/415/403

Low-A 182/250/182

SS 317/395/431

Low-A 182/250/182

Getting a shot at Low-A after Francis was suspended.
30 Barry Bowden-RHP 24 32 High-A 8.5/2.8/2.08


High-A 8.5/2.8/2.08

08 Non-drafted FA continues to produce.
31 Paulo Orlando-CF 23 23 High-A 293/321/320 266/307/358 Consistent mediocrity
32 Chris Lubanski-OF 24 28 AAA 057/154/086 275/357/456 He is a minor league FA at the end of the year-he's probably gone.
33 Sean McCauley 22 29 DL NA 226/289/305 Been hurt
34 Jose Bonilla-C 21 31 Low-A 190/286/253 222/285/321 Wishes he was hurt
35 Jason Taylor-3B 21 33 Low-A 253/367/373 260/347/384 Power hasn't been there this year.
36 Dusty Odenback-RHP 21 40 Low-A 9.6/2.6/2.24

SS 6.3/2.7/2.94

Low-A 9.6/3.7/2.61

The Royals drafted a bullpen this past year
37 Brandon Sisk-LHP 24 37 High-A 9.7/2.8/2.27 11.4/2.5/2.22 Great numbers with iffy stuff
38 Alex Llanos-CF 18 38 SS 204/220/265 267/306/380 How big is the jump between AZ and Idaho Falls?  Pretty big apparently.
39 Leondy Perez-RHP 19 39 SS 8.7/4.3/3.88 8.6/2.9/3.93 Good numbers at a low-level.
40 Malcolm Culver-3B 19 35 SS 215/337/266 226/328/339 Hopefully, one of our young but mediocre bats will step up next year.
41 Ben Theriot-C 21 42 SS 229/357/257 290/389/355 Not exactly sure why his ABs have been limited.
42 Deivy Batista-SS 21 43 SS 225/337/412 280/326/527 Curious to see where he plays next year.
43 Cole White-RHP 21 NR Low-A 5.9/4.7/4.64

SS 9.6/5.4/4.04

Low-A 5.9/4.7/4.64

Lots of potential for this bullpen arm.
44 Jerico Blanco-OF 17 45 DSL 250/357/417 244/339/378 I can't wait to see what he is going to do stateside.
45 Mike Lehman-RHP 20 41 Low--A 5.6/7.5/6.40 4.6/5.0/5.44 Free-fallin'...
46 Ryan Wood-SS 22 NR Low-A 247/352/403

SS 174/304/221

Low-A 247/352/403

09 draftee-he's an under the radar but worth watching.
47 Blake Wood-RHP 24 50 AA 5.4/8.1/4.92 5.7/3.1/4.35 He's baack--could be bullpen help next year.
48 Geuline Beltre-CF 18 NR SS 233/247/400 212/256/354 Talented but needs to put it together.
49 Pedro Nivar-SS 17 NR DSL 222/364/333 226/371/286 Gave him a big bonus last year and gets on base but no power yet.
50 Patrick Keating-RHP 22 NR SS 14.8/1.9/1.40 12.9/2.8/2.51 More 09 draftees for the bullpen.


Player of the month: Derrick Robinson.  I didn't expect that.  After struggling all year and having an abysmal July, Robinson went nuts in August with 5 homers (compared to 0 the past year and a half).  What does it mean?  I have no idea.  It could mean nothing or perhaps he figured some things out.  He will go to Northwest Arkansas in 2010 where a lot of hitters improved their numbers.  Robinson is supposed to have amazing defense in CF and if he couples that with a 700 OPS at the big league level--he could have value.  We will have to wait until 2010 for the next indications of whether he can do that.

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