Is Jerry Crasnick An Idiot?

After reading this story, I suspect that many Royals Review readers will think so.  Follow me after the jump to look at Crasnick's litany of errors.

1. "He should help the Royals fill one of their biggest holes heading into this season: center field." 

But isn't everyone here convinced that Mitch Maier can do it just as well?  For that matter, any AAA player in every team's farm system can do it.  Right?  Crasnick must be an idiot because there was no hole in CF here.

2. "Mitch Maier did a respectable job in center after Crisp went out, but hit just .243 and at times seemed overmatched by big-league pitching."

Everyone here seems convinced that Maier can indeed hit big-league pitching.  He just needs a chance.  That possibility (some say probability) counts more than Podsednik's proven ability, provided he's healthy, to hit ML pitching. Crasnick must be an idiot because he doesn't understand statistical projections/possibilities.

3. Podsednik is "a pretty good left fielder, too, which should give the Royals some options.DeJesus proved to be a superb defensive left fielder after moving from center to accommodate Crisp, but may be able to move back with Podsednik's signing. Of course, he could just stay there and Podsednik could play center."

This is pure idiocy.  Our stalwart analysts at RR have concluded that Podsednik is terrible in CF---and would likely be the same in left.  At best Pods is a fourth outfielder for us.  A benchwarmer who should sub for the potential Gold Glover Maier.

4.  "Podsednik offers a few other intangibles, too."

More stupidity.  Everything is tangible, our inveterate empiricist/positivist/scientist/statistician analysts say here.  What kind of idiocy is Crasnick going to introduce next: grit, leadership, moxy, clubhouse diplomacy.  Bunk, I say, all of it.  Our team full of young guys needs none of that.  We need better talent, that's all.

5. "Podsednik, a former All-Star, should fit the bill a little better" than our other options.

What a complete idiot.  Nearly everyone out there can fit the bill better than Kendall Podsednik.


And this, my friends, is one of my points.  Everyone here seems intent on analyzing Podsednik exactly as Kendall was---i.e. GMDM is an idiot for signing this guy---and Crasnick is an idiot for agreeing with GMDM. 

What's in it for Crasnick to be a shill for GMDM?  Or, what's in it for Crasnick to praise Podsednik for remaining in the league and getting a job?  Did he write this article so that he could maintain his close relationship with the Royals for 2010?  Why, I ask the sceptics, would Crasnick couch this article in positive terms if there weren't some reason for optimism?

Finally, Let's get an interview with some our current young Royals---Butler, Gordon, Greinke, Soria, Bannister, Getz, etc.---to hear what they think about having Podsednik on board.  If they don't like it, then I'll be more pessimistic.  If they do like the acquisition, well, let's be a bit more optimistic around here. - TL

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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