Friday's Fan Fest

I guess I'll get the ball rolling.  Sorry no pictures.  And this is my first post, so please be gentle on me.

We just got home and here are some of my highlights:

  • The '85 panel was fun.  Especially when someone referred to Sundberg saying a key to the pitching staff's success that year was that they finally had a real-deal major league catcher to pitch to and how instrumental he was in that staff's success, to which Jamie Quirk gave the look of "I'm sitting right here!" while throwing his arms up in the air and outloud said, "Hey! Thanks a lot!"  
  • Sadly we did not win the Cy Young Autograph tickets.  Actually we didn't do any of the autograph lines today.  We did check twitter to see who was at which session, but it seemed like the lines were pretty long even before they would post the names online, so we just skipped them.  
  • David DeJesus got engaged in Maui last week.  He looked darker than he ever has in his life sitting next to Brian Anderson.  During the outfielder's Q&A one guy asked Anderson if he knew that he looked like Eddie Haskell but BA said he didn't know who that was.  The other three guys acted like they knew.  Another "highlight" of that session was when a kid asked DeJesus if he was a Christian.  I managed to not injure myself while rolling my eyes.  Josh Fields was pretty funny and says he's going to steal 50 bases this year.  Hopefully that part wasn't a joke.
  • The Main Stage is freaking loud.  I might stop at Walgreen's on the way in tomorrow to buy some earplugs so that I don't go deaf from the music they play between panels.  Good golly.  Or perhaps, even though I am a woman in her 30s, I am just turning into a grumpy old man like my dad.  Lord knows he had perfected that role long before he was actually old.  
  • Sadly (for me) they aren't doing the separate photo sessions this year - which was a nice way to get to meet the players and only stand in line for 15 minutes instead of an hour-plus.  We did get to watch as Greinke, Meche and Tejada worked at the speed pitch challenge "coaching" the kids.  That was pretty cute actually.  
  • While we skipped all the big autograph lines we did swing by and get those of the minor leaguers because they didn't even have a line, and Mike MacFarlane randomly hung out in the Alumni booth signing.  I wanted to tell him how at our wedding rehearsal dinner we had a baseball theme and had 10 players as the numbers for each of the 10 tables (well, 9 players and a DH) and he was our catcher, but I thought it might sound stalker-ish and also a line had formed behind us, so we just had him sign our program and moved on.  
  • Jim Rooker apparently has written 3 baseball themed books for little kids which are actually pretty cute, so we got those, too.  
  • Also - I suck at foosball.  There is a "game lounge" out in the hallway where one can play pool, foosball and PacMan.  My husband challenged me to a game, but mercifully said we could stop after he was up 9-1.  
  • Trey talked about getting so frustrated that he sometimes goes down into the toilet in the tunnel because he doesn't want to poison the dugout with his negativity.  He also talked a lot about fundamentals and bunting in particular (because it was one of the first questions that came up).  This turned out to be kind of funny when Frank White made a comment during the '85 panel about how some ball clubs get hung up on stuff like bunting when they should be focused on other things that are going to make them winner.  And he talked about how much the "character" and "chemistry" of the team went up last year even though we might not have seen the results of that on the field, what with all the losing and all.
  • I actually left Dayton's session feeling hopeful about the future.  Just talking about depth at positions and the talent that's being developed that's on the way up - but you know, despite my occasional moments of frustration and venting, I do want to feel hopeful about the future, so I'm easy to sway.  
Anybody else?  

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