Dayton Moore Incompetence Tournament

After much too much thought, I've created the Dayton Moore Incompetence Tournament bracket.  I thought I might have difficulty finding 64 bad moves.  But, although the #16 seeds were all arguably decent moves, I think the rest represent varying degrees of incompetence or at least poor judgment.  It is likely that Moore will add to the top 64 list while the tournament is going on, but even if he trades Greinke for a 37-year-old middle reliever and two C prospects, the bracket is set.

(click the bracket for something bigger and hopefully more readable)

I can't really defend the seeding too much.  I did my best to incorporate all of the various variables (how the transaction looked at the time, how it panned out, talent, performance, dollars involved, duration of suckage, prospects given or received, etc.).  I think it works.

Which region looks the toughest?  I think Guillen has a pretty good road to the finals in the East.  I didn't stack the deck for him, but he was the highest ranked of the #1 seeds, and the matchups were created with that in mind. I think there will be some 5-12 and 6-11 upsets, but I think the vast majority of the 1-4 seeds are safe in the first round.

I'm not going to hand tabulate any votes.  I'd just use SBNation's poll function, but unfortunately it only allows one poll per post, and I'd really like to include four matchups in each post.  So if anyone has any ideas on how I can embed something like four interactive polls in a post, please let me know.  Thanks.

But I think we can dispose of some blowouts quickly:

#1 Jose Guillen signed to a three-year deal vs. #16 Mike Macdougal traded for Tyler Lumsden and Dan Cortes

#1 David DeJesus traded for Vin Mazzaro and Justin Marks vs. #16 Andy Sisco traded for Ross Gload

#1 Dan Cortes and Derek Saito traded for Yuniesky Betancourt and cash vs. #16 Tug Hulett claimed off waivers and eventually promoted to KC

#1 Jason Kendall signed to a two-year deal vs. #16 Esteban German released

#2 Gil Meche signed to a five-year deal vs. #15 John Thompson signed

#2 Kyle Farnsworth signed to a two-year deal vs. #15 Donnie Murphy traded for cash

#2 Leo Nunez traded for Mike Jacobs vs. #15 Phil Humber signed to a minor league deal and eventually promoted to KC

#2 Yasuhiko Yabuta signed to a two-year deal vs. #15 Joaquin Arias claimed off waivers


Unless there is significant objection, all of the #1 and #2 seeds will go through to the next round.

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