Why can't anyone be optimistic? Watch these short videos and tell me you are not excited...

Before I go on… watch these videos and tell me your not excited…

I don’t know where is appropriate to put this so I am putting it as a fanpost. I hate how much negativity is on this website about the Royals. It is a Royals fan website, I thought, until I starting seeing how no one believes in Dayton Moore or the Royals and some NY Royals “fan” created a tournament to say how stupid and incompetent Dayton Moore is for everything he has ever done. He only has helped built the best minor league systems in baseball… which is absolutely a horrible thing to do apparently?


All I have read on this site is how stupid this move was or how bad this guy is. I don’t know about others but I want to read things either saying the good and the bad about someone and leaving others to decide for themselves what they think or to say it somehow more optimistically. Have the Royals been terrible of late? Of course. Are we still going to support the Royals even if this season does end up being pretty ugly? If you answer no then go jump on someone else’s bandwagon.

All I hear is how horrible the trade was and how many people “give up” on the Royals because they traded our best player again. HE DIDN’T WANT TO BE HERE. If a guy doesn’t want to play for us then I do not want him no matter how good he is. He would have been gone in 2 years anyways so why not trade him now and get the most we can for him? The players we received in the trade have me very excited. SS and CF positions are very very important on any team especially one with young pitching. This SS makes top plays all the time and has tremendous range on defense to help out the pitchers. His bat should improve from last year. The outfield in Kauffman is huge and we need a guy like Cain to run down balls and he hit exceptionally well for only starting to play baseball as a sophomore in high school and for his first big league experience. The RP had some off the field troubles but throws 100 at times. The starting pitching prospect has all the tools to be a top of the rotation guy… That’s all we can ask for. We need to what we have and fit the pieces together.

Everyone look at this lineup and tell me you are not optimistic… (yes, you too Will McDonald… look at this and see if you can say at least some nice and optimistic things for once…)

Future Royals possibilities:

C Myers

1B Hosmer

2B Colon/Giavotella/Aviles

SS Escobar

3B Moustakis

DH Butler/Kila

OF Cain, Gordon, Dyson, Eibner, Lough, Robinson, Francoer

P Hochevar, Montgomery, Lamb, Dwyer, Duffy, Crow, Teaford, Odorizzi, Soria, Jeffries, Collins and on and on…

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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