Hate Equilibrium

2011 does not look like a year that will see too many team wins.  2010 was the same way.  So rather than analyzing such meaningless things as whether or not the team will be any good, I decided to look at the offseason acquisitions and departures from the perspective of whether or not I hate the player.  We'll see if the opening day 2011 lineup features an increase or decrease in players that I hate; this is your year end Hate Equilibrium update.

I decided to use the opening day lineup as my benchmark.  Obviously for 2011 I'm guessing here, and this is a guess at what the lineup will be, not should be.

2010 Opening Day Lineup:

SP: Greinke
C:  Kendall
1B: Butler
2B: Getz
SS: Yuni
3B: Bloomquist
LF: Podsednik
CF: Ankiel
RF: Dejesus
DH: Guillen
CL: Soria

2011 Guess:
SP: Hochevar
C: Pena
1B: Butler
2B: Getz
SS: Escobar
3B: Betemit
LF: Gordon
CF: Melky
RF: Francoeur
DH: Kila
CL: Soria


Opening Day starter - I hate neither of these players, this is a wash.  Result: EQUAL HATE
Catcher: Kendal vs. Pena.  While Kendall is still on the team in 60 day DL land, getting him out of the lineup is huge for me.  Result:  LESS HATE
1B: Butler vs. Butler.  This is the same player.  Result: EQUAL HATE
2B: Getz vs. Getz:  This is the same player...but different circumstances.  2010 Getz was vaguely interesting, 2011 Getz is less interesting and keeping a more-deserving Aviles on the bench: Result: SLIGHTLY MORE HATE.
SS: Escobar vs. Yuni.  This one's a slam dunk for 2011 - young, interesting player vs. worst everday player in baseball.  Result: LESS HATE.
3B: Bloomquist vs. Betemit.  It's slightly unfair to use Bloomers in this case since he wasn't the true everyday third baseman.  But, the fact that Willie F. Bloomquist was allowed to be the opening day...anything is quite telling.  I'm not a huge Betemit guy long-term, but he's a perfectly reasonable 3b placeholder until Moose comes up in June.  Result: LESS HATE.
LF: Pods vs. Gordo.  Hated the Pods signing when it first happened, hated it even more when we signed another OFer later.  While I wasn't a supporter of Gordon's move to the outfield, I'd still rather have him out there than zombie Scott Podsednik.  Result: LESS HATE.
CF: Ankiel vs. Melky.  I'm assuming Melky is the opening day CFer here, it could be Cain or Blanco with Melky in left, but my guess, based on comments from Yost is that Melky is the opening day CF.  I'm not a huge fan of either of these moves, but Ankiel went from 'dislike' to 'hate' with the whole I'm guaranteed to play out of position thing.  I just never liked Ankiel, dude rubbed me the wrong way, I didn't like the cut of his jib, all that kind of stuff.  More dollars, more age gives Ankiel the hate edge to Melky, who is still youngish and on a cheaper contract.  Result: SLIGHTLY LESS HATE.
RF:  Dejesus vs. Frenchy.  No explanation needed.  Result:  MORE HATE.
DH:  Guillen vs. Kila.  This is one where I wouldn't be shocked if there wasn't that much of a difference in production, but man oh man is there a difference in hate.  Result: LESS HATE.
CL: Soria vs. Soria.  This is the same person.  Result: EQUAL HATE.

Well there you have it, based on my calculations, the 2011 Royals are slightly more hatable at one position, and fully more hatable at another.  They are slightly less hatable at one position, but fully less hatable at a staggering five positions, garnering a net upgrade of four units of hatred.  Check out those numbers stat boys!

While the 2011 version of the Kansas City Royals may or may not be more succesful, it seems like I am going to hate them less than I hated the 2010 version.  So, there's that.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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