The Value of Outfield Coaching

This KC Star story outlines some details on DeJesus's shift to right field.  The title doesn't instill confidence ("OK"), but the article talks about how the change was broached, DeJesus's attitude on the shift, and what's being done to make the change work.  Here's an interesting excerpt:

A quick call to outfield instructor Rusty Kuntz helped ease his concerns. Kuntz said shifting from left to right would be far easier for DeJesus than last year’s transition from center to left.

Kuntz contends DeJesus possesses sufficient quickness to charge the ball in a manner required of right fielders. Being a left-handed thrower means DeJesus will routinely be better positioned to make throws to second and third.

Kuntz argues right fielders face fewer tough-read plays than left fielders. ...[Snip]...

DeJesus admits the switch was easier to swallow because he understands its logic. Adding Podsednik and Ankiel should significantly improve the outfield defense. And the two are natural fits in left and center.

“We haven’t gotten on the field yet to be able to feel out each other’s range,” DeJesus said, “but I know we’ll be able to run down balls. I think our pitching staff is going to love having the three of us out there.”

There's a bit more in the piece (between my snip) on the differences in reading balls off the bat for right fielders.  Suffice it to say, DeJesus now seems comfortable with the switch.

This led me to wonder if defensive metrics have learned to account for outfield coaching (i.e. positioning tips, footwork, reading balls off the bat, etc.).  Are there teams that seem particularly well coached in terms of outfield defense?  Is there an outfield coach who has been shown to improve the numbers of his team's players?  Do we have any before and after stats on particular players under certain coaches?

How good is Rusty Kuntz as a coach?  Is he respected by players and by other coaches?  Do the stats show improvement under him?  ...Was he hired by GMDM or Hillman, or is he a holdover?

Finally, what of DeJesus's last comment on our pitching staff---that they're "going to love having the three of us out there."  Is he just being optimistic?  If so, isn't this a good sign since he seems least well-equipped (i.e. arm) for his new position? - TL

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