A pessimistic optimism

I can't believe spring training is already here! WOW!

I am really looking forward to another season of Royals letdown baseball. The kind of baseball  that infuriates you, but yet you can't control your giddiness when the team takes 2 of 3 from the White Sox. I look at 2010 as a key season for the Royals, from the standpoint of identifying if yet another complete rebuild is in order, or is the process actually working. The positives with this season sure are abundant. Alex Gordon, I feel is on the verge of a fine run producing season. He didn't hit for a high average last year (injury), but he knocked 30+ doubles his first year and in the second year his OBP was a solid .351. Sure, not mind numblingy exciting, but nonetheless with what we can hope is an improved and more experienced lineup overall, Gordon could be a third Royal hitter with 40+ doubles.(Callaspo,Butler).

Then we have our new 1 - 2 punch of Dejesus and Getz....sure it's not Ichiro and Figgins, but look at this. Getz in a limited role stole 25 bases, scored 49 times and also hit the ball to the gap, for 18 doubles in 375 AB's. Project that out over 550 AB's, and Getz could easily have a .285 30 double 30 steal season. He is also a far better fielder than Callaspo, which leads me to believe Butler will be at first and Callaspo will be the DH. 

is Dejesus actually going to bat third? I ask that question because Podsednik has blazing speed, and if his OBP remains solid, he could easily be the best option to leadoff.

Gordon / FIelds
FIelds / Gordon 
Callaspo / Getz

It would be nice to add a real power threat in that order, why not take a shot at Hank Blalock or Jonny Gomes? Gomes has to be better than Guillen.

The pitching looks good and I would estimate the team ERA will be better in 2010. Meche should be back to form and Bannister is already getting kudos for his fitness level.  The Royals will win more games in 2010, I am sure of that. The age of the team has risen up one notch, and with it the experience level. The manager and his staff also have another year under their collective belts, and the Royals will hopefully take a much needed, positive step forward. 

The Royals need to find a slugger, that can drive in some runs and the Royals could easily take a huge step forward. Will Dayton have the marbles to step up and make something happen?

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