Outsider Musings and Oddball Fantasy Baseball League Invite.

Before my true subject, I'd like to comment that I've been a lurker on Royals Review for the last couple seasons.  My best friend lives in Lenexa (I'm in West Plains myself) and I go up and catch a game or two at Kauffman every year and I try to keep up with the Royals via this blog and Gameday Audio... and by the way.. BEAUTIFUL stadium.  It has all the modern amenities yet remains cozy and almost has a minor league park homeyness to it.  Don't think there's a bad seat there.

Anyway, It really seems that the tone in the last 12 months on here has REALLY gotten black.  I mean last year, it seems nobody liked the moves but there was guarded optimism that things could conceivably fall together and a decent season might emerge from the chaos.  I mean, even the Second Law of Thermodynamics admits that  in a statistically freak circumstance, things can buck entropy and randomly become ordered.

This year it seems like people are expecting a 120 loss season.  I'm not saying the mood isn't warranted, it's just ... odd.  The two posts Dark Thoughts and Worst Decisions Possible are almost artistic pessimism.  It almost seems that your blogizens are anticipating witnessing something - first hand and in the neighborhood - a calamity of Olympic proportion.  Kind of like if you were in the suburbs of a city hit with a 10 MT thermonuclear device -you know you are doomed from the approaching shock wave, but damned if you can't keep staring at that mushroom cloud.


We've created a yahoo fantasy baseball legue, named in honor of Reds offseason pickup Aaron Miles.  It's called the True Grit Baseball League, and is a retro roto league, if you will.  Full writeup of the thinking behind the league is in a fanpost over here


League settings summary: 12 team, NL only, 5x5 traditional roto scoring, auction draft at 9PM Eastern/10PM Central, Sunday, March 28.  


So if you have Sunday night and Monday morning off, got a league that is tailor-made for people... well... who have Sunday night and Monday mornings off.


True Grit Baseball League 

league ID: 273321

password:  grit

sign up here

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gloom.

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