The 25 Man countdown Kila Eliminated

The final roster has to be set by Sunday and there are still some questions to be answered.  Dutton or Kaegel said that Callaspo will be ready for Opening day so if that's true who is going to make the opening day roster.  Obviously Gordon starts in Omaha but it is still up in the air about Aviles.

The Locks

Podsednik LF
Callaspo 3b
Butler 1b
Ankiel CF
Guillen DH
Kendall C
Betancourt SS/Bench- GMDM won't admit the mistake yet.
Getz 2b/SS/Bench- Callaspo injury and move to 3b states he is a lock.


The Bench is the real question between rumors and spring training performers I don't think GMDM is going to go to opening day without making at least one move.

Mitch Maier-  Appears to have won the 4th OF role but there are a few days left  
Chances 9/10

Brayan Pena(Possible trade candidate)- KC has to carry a backup catcher and despite rumors of a trade Pena is that man unless traded.
Chances 8/10

Mike Aviles-  Has performed outstanding this spring.  Aviles would probably start the season on the DL unless Callaspo's oblique is worse than thought currently. 
Chances 4/10

Willie Bloomquist (Possible Trade candidate)- Injuries have helped him this spring because without the Gordon injury Bloomquist has little to no role on this team.  At the present time if the staff feels Aviles needs rehab time Bloomquist can backup Getz and Betancourt at 2b/SS badly.  I think he would make a decent NL bencher.
Chances 8/10

Brian Anderson- His playing time has been cut down quite a bit and an assignment to Omaha is coming if he'll take it.  I would rather BA try to become a pitcher.
Chances 1/10

Kila Ka'aihue- Again he deserves a chance but I doubt the FO or manager will take the chance at adding another DH/1b.
Chances 1/10

Josh Fields- Thank you injured Alex Gordon.  Fields has looked poor this spring and to go with back to back poor seasons in '08 and '09 he just might not be very good.  Gordon's injury probably saves him until Alex is ready at least.
Chances 7/10

Vance Wilson/Edwin Bellorin- These two really have no business becoming the backup catcher but if Kendall is going to man the spot 140x's this season then the FO thinks these guys can fill in the 22 open dates.  UGH Jason LaRue all over again except for 162 games.
Chances 2/10

Scott Thorman- Former Brave prospect check, FO probably views him better than Kila check, with the injuries I wouldn't be shocked if they gave him a look.
Chances 1/10

Ideal Bench fan friendly bench
Mike Aviles
Mitch Maier
Brayan Pena
Kila Ka'aihue

Probable Bench by people who "KNOW" baseball
Willie Bloomquist
Brayan Pena
Josh Fields
Mitch Maier


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