Anagrams for each name on the 40-Man Roster

A massive waste of time.

But here it is, in all its glory.  Many of these are pretty weak.  But I did it, dammit.

I did it.

Please come up with better ones.  Like I said....some I just included because I lost my comedic/wittiness compass midway through it all because my brain was fried.

Yuniesky Betancourt: "Batter Nine You Sucky" (probably one of the best, and somebody else came up with it)


Scott Podsednik: "Noted Dick Spots", "Pot-Stoned Dicks"

Alex Gordon: "Lo, Danger Ox", "Grand Ole Ox", "Real Ox Dong", "Ex-Long A-Rod"

Alberto Callaspo: "Pal To Caballeros”, “Capable Oral Slot”, “Rascal Let A Bloop”, “Ol’ Alpaca-Lobster”

Eric Hosmer: “Me So Richer”, “Me Hi-Scorer”, "Crime Horse"

David DeJesus: “Jive-Ass D-Dude”

Mitch Maier: “I Emit Charm”, “Car Hit Mime”, “He Mimic Tar"

Chris Getz: "Chez Grits"

Kyle Farnsworth: "Frankly He Worst"

Noel Arguelles: "Enrolls League", "Lone Eagle Slur", "Organelle Slue" (just because it's downright horrifying), "Nu-Age Eel Rolls", "Reel On, Seagull", "Eel-Angler Soul", "Sullen Ogre Ale",

Brian Bannister: "Brain Breast Inn", "Inner Brain Stab", (somebody else take care of this, so, so many possibilities)

Aaron Crow: "Racoon War"

Juan Cruz: ?

Kyle Davies: "Veiled Yaks"

Zack Greinke: ?

Gaby Hernandez: "Ayn Rand: GHB E-Z", "Hazy Genre Band"

Luke Hochevar: "Hero Have Luck", "Cave Hulk Hero"

Dusty Hughes: "Shy Used Thug", "He's Gutsy, Duh!"

Anthony Lerew: "Ornately Hewn", "Wantonly Here", "Yon Whaler Net", "No Whale Entry"

Victor Marte: "Crater Vomit", "Tit Cam Rover", (problem here, two options "Rev. Tit Cam" and "Mr. Tit Cave" both require the inclusion of "or")

Gil Meche: "Chile Gem" (not a lot of options)

Edgar Osuna: "A Dangerous", "Dog-Ear Anus", "A Go Asunder", "Aroused Nag", "A Gonad Ruse", "A Sand Rogue" (lots and lots of possibilities)

Carlos Rosa: "Orca or Lass?" --- not a lot of options

Joakim Soria: "As I Irk A Mojo" --- not a lot of options

Robinson Tejeda: "Rebooted Ninjas", "Banjo Desertion", "Debonair Jetson"

Blake Wood: "Walk Booed", "Weak Blood"

Jason Kendall: ?

Brayan Pena: "Banyan Rape", "Banana Prey", "A Nearby Nap"

Manuel Pina: "Up Mein Anal", "Lean-In Puma"

Mike Aviles: "Mike's Alive" ?

Jeff Bianchi: ?

Willie Bloomquist: "Mosquito-Bile Will", "Obliques Limit Low"

Billy Butler: "Liberty Bull", "Blue By Thrill"

Josh Fields: "Dis Elf Josh"   (lame)

Kila Ka'aihue: ?

Brian Anderson: "Bad Inner Arson", "Iran Band Senor"

Jarrod Dyson: ?

Jose Guillen: "Genius Jello"

Jordan Parraz: ?

Roman Colon: is this one even necessary?

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