Alex Gordon depresses me

Nobody is talking about it... perhaps because it's too painful to mention... perhaps because nobody really cares... or perhaps because nobody knows it happened.  Whichever category you fall in, you have to admit the subject of Alex Gordon is pretty damn depressing.

Let's start with the news that nobody has mentioned (at the time of this writing)

Alex Gordon breaks his thumb, out 3-4 weeks.

I found out about this on the KCStar website... there is the little picture slideshow on the upper right side of the front page and, much to my chagrin, one of the pics is of Alex Gordon breaking his thumb on a headfirst slide into 2nd base.  I'm not really following Spring Training that closely, but dammit, this is about as bad as it gets... short of (knock on wood) Greinke blowing out his elbow.

True, it's not the end of the world for Gordon.  He'll be ready to go for the regular season and will be in up to speed by the 3rd or 4th week.  But, still, this injury depresses the hell out of me.  Can this guy stay healthy?  Will his lack of fundamentals (sliding, catching pop ups etc) ultimately cost him everything? 

I'm getting worried that Alex Gordon is never going to amount to anything.  I'm getting worried that he'll never be able to harness his massive potential into Major League success.  Some of it is out of his hands (being rushed, tearing his hip muscle) and some of it is his own undoing (breaking his thumb sliding headfirst).  But at some point I have to stop holding out hope and just get depressed because so far Alex Gordon hasn't put it together. 

The immediate success of the Royals still depends on Mr. Gordon.  Obviously they'd be in much better shape if Gordon was doing a Ryan Braun or Ryan Zimmerman impersonation.  Couple that with Butler, Greinke and Soria and the Royals are at least middle of the AL Central pack.  But with the current state of Alex Gordon, it seems he's not going to save the organization.  That hope lies somewhere else... on someone else's shoulders who is recently drafted or perhaps even still in High School. Sorry Greinke, Butler and Soria:  It seems the puzzle won't fit together for you guys during your stay with the Royals.

That's f-ing depressing.

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