Royals Rope 15 Singles, Beat Tigers 7-3

This is starting to get weird. The (modest) Royal offensive explosion continued today as the boys in blue managed a remarkable 15 singles, a double, and a Jose Guillen home run, en route to a 7-3 victory. The offense had men on all day, yet still lived on the margins a bit, needing a number of two-out RBIs and a handful of sac flies to get to seven runs.

The Royals got a competent start from Kyle Davies, and a change of pace good outing from the bullpen, with Parrish and Soria combining to throw 2.1 scoreless innings.

So many of Dayton's heroes are just playing remarkably well right now. For example:

  • Scotty Pods went 2-4 and is now hitting .457. I'm not sure dude has ever hit .457 over nine games before in his career.
  • Jose Guillen homered again, and now is hitting .361 with five home runs. And since he's DHing, he's not even killing the Royals afield anymore.
  • Jason Kendall went 4-5 and is now hitting .382 on the season. Brayan Pena should consider taking up knitting, because we must keep playing him every single day!!!
  • It's nice to get a win, that's for sure. The Royals now get to enjoy an off-day (I'm sure Kendall has all kinds of leadership seminars planned) before a weekend series in Minnesota. I don't know if you've heard, but OMG the Twins have a new stadium and Joe Mauer has a long term contract and the Twins just do everything oh so right.

    In case you missed it, Jeff touched on one of our guys this morning at Fangraphs:


    Two players, Fred Lewis and Josh Fields, look like they are being kept on the DL because they are out of options. The Giants and the Royals would have to expose them to the waiver wire in order for them to be sent to the minors.


    Josh Fields of the Royals came away with a mystery injury at the end of Spring Training that no knew about until it was posted. After talking to several people close to the team, no one knows what is going on with Fields. As someone noted, he seems to have a case of “Notverygoodandoutofoptions-iatis”


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