Understanding My New Buddy- Superfan Chris

We all know him. Some hate him. Some love him. Some just wish FSN would cover the damn game. But I myself, have built a respect for the guy. I plan to receive some flak from you guys for writing this, but hopefully in doing so some of you can gain the same respect for Chris Coats that I have.

My brief relationship with Chris started very recently when he offered to buy me a ticket or a beer next time I'm in KC all because I stood up for him in a game thread a few weeks ago. Yeah, believe it or not, even that guy in the cape reads Royals Review! In doing so I checked back to the same thread I originally wrote in defending Chris and was shocked by what was written by a certain member who I won't name.

I saw that Caped Chris douche leaving the game yesterday... somebody actually asked him for an autograph in the parking lot, I really wanted to kick him in his gap teeth!

Damn! Talk about harsh! Calling the guy a douche and wanting to kick his teeth in? Why, I asked myself, would people say this? So I decided to check into the guy. The top two reasons I came up with were that people either assumed the guy was doing this for attention or that people just don't understand him.

Here's the first thing to understand about Chris: He's living the life! The guy has attended EVERY single Royals home game since May 19, 2004. You and I both know that's a bitch load of losses. Yet Chris continues to go to every game! He's visited 22 active MLB stadiums around the USA and claims to attend around 20% of the Royals road games. Lucky S.O.B.! Imagine being such a diehard that you would seriously travel around the US just to see the Royals!

As far as I can remember Chris was first shown on television last summer, yet has been attending games since 2004. Obviously he's not doing it for attention then. Never does he seek out Joel Goldberg, Joel and the camera crew hunt HIM down. His outfit isn't too ridiculous either, he wears a flag and a Royals shirt. Despite what the commenter claimed earlier, Chris actually refuses to give autographs. He told me that he doesn't believe he's above any Royals fan at the park, therefore sees no reason people should want his autograph.

What it all comes down to is that Chris Coats is just a regular guy living the dream. He's a hard worker currently employed by the USPS. Without a family to tie him down, why not cruise the country and enjoy some baseball? If I could afford to do the same I betcha it wouldn't be a bad life. So please, next time before hurling an insult at him in a game thread, take a second to think about what you're doing. He's just another Royals fan like you and I, the only difference is Frank White has a crush on him and not us. Lucky S.O.B.




How you could you hate that?

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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