Remember the Alamo!

I realize this season already feels like the Battle of Little Bighorn, but it's true:  I'm starting to feel sorry for Trey. 

Hey, I know he pulls some boneheaded moves now and then, and he promiscuously uses that dreaded word "hopefully" the same way [feel free to insert clever analogy or metaphor here].   And, true enough, I was never a fan of the Missouri Compromise (by this I mean Trey's brief dalliance with a mullet, not the Congressional action that ultimately led to the War Between the States).  

Finally, there is no explaining Trey's man-crush for Bloomquist or his seeming contempt for Gordon, but frankly, he will have to answer for that to God at some point anyway, so I figure that issue will work itself out in Trey's very, very long Afterlife.

Here are some reasons I am starting to feel sorry for Trey:  Kyle FarnsworthBruce ChenJosh Rupe.    We literally don't know what role Trey had in having this troika populate his bullpen, but if this isn't a shinola sandwich, I don't know what is.   I think Farnsworth is the most troubling part of the group, and not only for all of the obvious reasons.   He actually has flashed some pretty decent pitching here and there this year, but every time Trey feels he can make a withdrawal from that bank account, Farnsey flashes him the Rabbit Ears.   I realize you go to war with the army you have and all that, but Trey is being treated like Custer when his situation in fact more resembles James Bowie, at the Battle of the Alamo.

Some additional reasons I feel bad for Trey:   Yuni and Pods and Ankiel.   No, I am not going to bash them anymore (in the month of April, that is).  Forget their particulars for a moment.   Yuni and Pods and Ankiel are examples of the fact that the Royals do not have what lawyers call a coherent "theory of the case."   Are the Royals in a Youth Movement?   Who knows..., but it doesn't look like it.  Are the Royals emphasizing Speed and Defense?  Apparently not.    Can Trey criticize his boss publicly for making moves like this?  No.

My final reason for feeling bad for Trey:  there is a 95% chance he is going to get shit-canned this year, and there was only about a 5% chance this team would be good.   Notwithstanding that this is the Big Leagues, this outcome still has the ring of unfairness to it.   

If I were Trey, here is what I would do to shake things up right now:   make Meche the closer, make Soria the 2-inning setup guy, make Farnsworth the 6th inning/pre-Soria guy, and make one of the scrubs his fifth starter (probably Rupe).

He's going to get shit-canned no matter what, so why not go down in a blaze of glory?     

I say, let's replace "Hopefully" with "Remember the Alamo!"

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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