The Royals in the 2010 World Series

I wrote the following in response to Yankees fans who claim that tremendous baseball acumen, rather than a limitless supply of money, makes the Yankees great.

They often point out that the Royals spend their money badly as an example.  I can't argue with that, but the money is the main difference.

My response is below the jump:

The Yankees had 6 players in the top 25 in payroll in 2009.  Those 6 players made $122 million (which would be the 3rd largest payroll by itself.)   They spent more on the rest of their team than the Royals entire payroll as well.

 What if the Royals were the team with that kind of money?  You could add those 6 players to the Royals as they stand now, and have a World Series Contender:

  1. Jeter-SS
  2. Callaspo-2B
  3. Texeira-1B
  4. Arod-3B
  5. Butler-DH
  6. Dejesus-CF
  7. Gordon-LF
  8. Ankiel-RF
  9. Kendall-C

Pena backs up catcher, Aviles, Maier, Podsenik and Getz on the bench.  IF they kept only 13, that would make Getz an I-29 guy, because he has options.  With injuries, etc. he would still spend most of his time here.

  1. Greinke
  2. Sabathia
  3. Burnett
  4. Meche
  5. Bannister

Soria would set up for Rivera, or, with Rivera already on the team, perhaps Soria is a starter with Meche and Bannister fighting for the 5th spot.  (Loser gets traded for a catcher).

Assuming Soria as set up guy, that leaves Tejada, Hochevar, Hughes as a lefty, and Cruz, Colon and Farnsworth fighting it out for the last two spots.   I am unaware if any of these guys other than Hughes has options left. (I think we know who this blog would cut.)

Some Yankee fans would respond that Jeter and Rivera are home grown.  If the Royals and Yankees payrolls were reversed, that wouldn't matter now, because they would be long gone.

I just turned a crappy team into a World Series contender with 6 guys!

So for the Yankees fans who say it's not about the money, I say Child, Please!!

P.S.  The Yankees spent $2.38  on payroll for every dollar other teams spent.  If your family suddenly brought home $2.38 for every $1.00 you bring home now, would your life change?   Would you have more, or better, things?  I think you would.  So do the Yankees.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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