The Incredibly Strange Baseball Players Who Stopped Winning and Became Mixed-Up Royals

Picasso paintings make more sense than the 2010 Royals. The mantra of "Wait until the prospects show up" is abridged, the full mantra is "Wait until the prospects show up, because Dayton can't figure out a major league roster". Although it should be noted that if Dayton can't figure out current major league players, what confidence at all do you have in him figuring out future major league players?

The lesson of opening day is that somehow, most of the 2009 Royals bullpen is now the 2010 Royals bullpen. In a system more disgraceful than a failing school district promoting students to the next grade while they're failing subjects left and right, the Royals pen is comprised of irradiated inedible corn.

Roman Colon has essentially defied all odds and logic to stay on this team. Juan Cruz is only here because he got the last big contract of his career from Dayton Moore. Kyle Farnsworth is like hairspray, you want to keep him away from open flames. Dusty Hughes is around because putting your 27 year olds in Omaha gets a bit depressing. Luis Mendoza is likely here to be a friend to Joakim Soria, because Mendoza is not very good at pitching. Perhaps relief work will work for Mendoza, but Trey Hillman will likely refuse to use him in any important situations until mid-May, no matter how good or bad Mendoza is pitching. John Parrish should be good until Trey decides that situational lefties are for losers and puts Parrish against every righty he can find. Joakim Soria is awesome, provided that you believe that the best reliever on this team shouldn't be pitching in situations where the game is on the line. How Robinson Tejada lost a rotation spot to Kyle Davies is beyond my understanding.

Dayton Moore apparently did not notice that the bullpen, that he built and sold for trinkets, was a big problem in 2009. Then again, he didn't notice that offense was the number one problem in 2009 either, but that's another topic altogether.


Jason Kendall is 35 years old and apparently in the prime of his life to try and score from second. Brayan Pena is in the weird spot of getting a job for being a Brave, and not getting playing time because Dayton decided to block him with older more expensive driftwood. Kendall should produce what you expect him to produce, which means he should suck.

Mike Aviles and Alberto Callaspo have to be wondering if hitting the ball is seen as a negative amongst the Royals braintrust. Callaspo would have been on the bench if Alex Gordon knew how to slide properly. Mike Aviles will be on the bench and rotating between positions, because he can't displace Yuniesky Betancourt. Oh heavens no, we can't give up on the worst shortstop on baseball. Willie Bloomquist is probably going to leech playing time from more deserving players 5 times a week because he's a lousy middle infielder, much like Trey Hillman was in Trey's playing days. Chris Getz is still a work in progress.


Rick Ankiel covers so much ground in Centerfield that you might as well call him Mr. G-String. Rick Ankiel is Mike Jacobs if Jacobs ever possessed defensive skill. Rick Ankiel is going to be an extreme streak hitter. So in all likelyhood, Ankiel will hit around .100 this month, and .340 in May, followed by .175 in June.

Dayton Moore lives in a world where the 2009 Royals weren't bad, just victims of circumstance. How could he think this team was bad when he put the worst members of the team in the position to start in 2010? How could he think this team was bad when he retained 3/4ths of the bullpen? How could he think this team was bad when he retained the entire starting rotation?

He doesn't think the 2009 Royals were bad. Because Dayton Moore is delusional.


Dayton Moore will be fired by the Kansas City Royals, and when he is fired, it will be years too late for this team. We might be seeing the effects of Daytonism in the Minor Leagues, where Danny Duffy is taking a sabbatical from baseball, pitchers are told not to throw certain pitches, and once promising prospects become nobodies due to the reality of the system.

The secret of the process is that there is no process. Just talking points. Every GM talks about the farm system and all Dayton does is talk. Dayton Moore thinks that the year is 1980 and that he can keep finding new ways to innovate the eight-track as the rest of the world is using mp3 players.

So lay back and enjoy the ride to 95 losses in 2010. And enjoy the retention of the core of the 2010 Royals in 2011 as the media figures speak of how awful it was in 2006 and that you couldn't expect a GM to get his prospects firmly rooted in AA by the 3rd year after his first draft. The Royals will keep failing until Dayton Moore and Trey Hillman are fired.

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