Stuff you may not have known about: Royals managerial changes

and assorted other stuff.

This is the 10th season in which the Royals had multiple managers.

Only one Royals manager had a winning record when fired in mid-season (Jack McKeon, 1975)

Four of nine full-time/new midseason managers had a winning record in that season (last was Hal McRae, 1991)

Trey Hillman was fired after 35 games, which is more than Tony Muser (23) or Tony Pena (33) had when they fired/left the country.

Tony Muser and Tony Pena had the same number of wins when their time as Royals manager ended. Muser was fired after a win in Detroit. Pena quit after a loss in Toronto.

Zack Greinke was the losing pitcher for the game before Pena quit, and the winning pitcher for the game before Hillman was fired.

Billy Butler was the only Royal to play today and in Buddy Bell's last game. Greinke and DeJesus played in Tony Pena's last game.

Tony Pena and Buddy Bell took over teams with 13 wins. Yost would need to miss the game to have a shot at that, the Royals have 12 wins right now. But Yost does take over on May 13th.

Royals managers fired after a win: Billy Gardner, John Wathan, Tony Muser, Trey Hillman

Royals managers whose final game was against the Cleveland Indians: Bob Boone, Buddy Bell, Trey Hillman


Leadoff Man in last/first game Fired Interim New
2005 DeJesus Berroa Berroa
2002 Donnie Sadler Donnie Sadler Knoblauch
1997 Jose Offerman   Bip Roberts
1991 Brian McRae Kirk Gibson (?!!?!) Brian McRae
1987 Willie Wilson   Willie Wilson


"The Royals' managerial sweepstakes officially begin this week, and while the rumor mill keeps pumping out Whitey Herzog's name, another name is surfacing that appears far more plausible. Ron Gardenhire. A source close to the process indicated Gardenhire, the Minnesota Twins' third-base coach, will be brought to Kansas City on Thursday for an interview." - Jeffrey Flanagan, KC Star, 9/20/1994

"Boone tinkered with lineups, messed around with the pitching staff, bunted too often with the wrong people, took too much of the credit, handed off too much of the blame, and still he found time to develop Craig Paquette into the player we all see today" - Joe Posnanski, 7/10/1997

"Muser had his problems as a manager, too. Well-documented problems. Muser was a lousy one-run manager. He wasn't much at developing pitching or running a bullpen. He called too many team meetings. His tough-guy persona rubbed some players the wrong way. And he was sensitive. He let criticism affect him." - Joe Posnanski, 4/30/2002

"For now, though, you get the feeling that Pena's resignation will quiet the beast, at least for a little while. Pena  had become the center of frustration, in part because he kept doing oddball things like bunting with runners on second and nobody out and continuously asking David DeJesus to steal bases, even though DeJesus has proven unmistakably that he is not a fast runner." - Joe Posnanski, 5/11/2005

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - Santayana

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