Just a thought, post fire and hire

I have watched the press conference that Dayton Moore was kind enough to give following the firing of Trey Hillman. I guess after watching I had to ask myself, "Are they that good of friends to get this upset?" I am sitting thinking that perhaps the board of directors for the Royals laid down some serious demands from Moore, and one could speculate that it's his turn to produce better results now, than later. 

If you look at the Royals since Moore took over the team, they are spending more money on the draft and pro payroll than at any other time. The Royals payroll is 72 million, give or take a few bucks, which ranks them 20th in the league, higher than Texas, San Diego, Tampa, and Washington. All four of those teams are competitive. All four of those teams have really bright, long term futures.

Do the Royals have that?

Could the Royals be better now? Yes....easily.

One of the most important revelations in sport over the last few years is that you can win with young players on your team. I use the NHL as a perfect example. The NHL is littered with teenagers having a serious impact on their clubs immediate fortunes. The Royals could follow this example, or the example set by the dozens of clubs promoting from within. The Cubs hoisted their prized shortstop prospect out of AA to play everyday, the results are pretty good aren't they? Kansas City has talented young players in AAA and in AA. Can we see them? Do we really need to wait?

Is Alex Gordon really being shopped? Dayton I know you like hiding in the background with your freaking process, but give the fans a carrot already.

I have to be honest, in a few days when Rick Ankiel is activated, if he's playing over Maier, it might be the last time I watch them this year. There is really no defense for that. There is no defense for Kila Ka'aihue rotting on the bench. We have all been saying it for weeks, put in Kila!

It doesn't come down from Moore does it?

Is he purposely blocking The Kila Monster? What could the reason possibly be?

It's time to shake this roster up. In September you call up prospects, take a look at where they are, the Royals need to do that now.

This FanPost was written by a member of the Royals Review community. It does not necessarily reflect the views of the editors and writers of this site.

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